The third, the Sustainance, or Evolution Power of God (1979-1115); That emanates from the Adi Shakti (1990-0923); The Redeeming Power (1989-0524); Reem… is the name… the short form… of Mahalakshmi (1979-0609.3); That resides in the Sushumna channel, and acts as a balancing power, first at the Nabhi chakra (1983-0131); Which enlarges the central channel for the Kundalini’s ascent, and guides the Kundalini to those chakras in need (1996-0910); The Spiritual Principle, whose 5 Incarnations are: Sita; Radha; Mother Mary; Fatima, and Shri Mataji (1991-0003); Mahalakshmi is a very Gracious Lady (1983-0131); Christ’s Mother was Mahalakshmi, the central power of sustainance, pure sustainance, pure holiness, pure innocence… such a powerful woman she was… very powerful (1981-1006)

The Mahalakshmi tattwa is that you start thinking only about your spirit. When you have become absolutely satisfied with the material wealth, then you start coming to the spirit; Not to worry about what is happening around you, but worry what is happening inside, and build up your Mahalakshmi Principle. Then you will have no problems at all, and through you, Mahalakshmi herself will work to fill your countries with great bounties & great joys (1986-0921.1)

In a Mahalakshmi Temple in Kolapur, there is sung a song with the words, requesting the Kundalini, Amba, to rise. Surprisingly it is in the Sushumna Nadi, the channel of Mahalakshmi, that the Kundalini actually rises (1987-1024); Mahalakshmi is worshipped on a Thursday, as it is the essence of the Guru Principle (1986-1227)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003