One of Shri Mataji’s names, meaning ‘Who is Illusive’; “I am illusive no doubt. But I’m illusive just to judge you” (1982-0731); Not easy to find out (1980-0727); The Great Illusion – Mother is a great illusion (1980-0609); It is not easy to understand me… on one side, of course, I am Divine no doubt… on the other side I’m very human… even in a film, if I see somebody suffering, I start crying… I can’t bear it; I made myself extremely human… and this Divinity of mine also… it’s just Sahaj. I’ve done nothing – I’ve been like this… I am like this. I’ve not achieved anything… if I have achieved anything… it’s the understanding of human beings (1992-0229)

I am such a camouflage… how are you going to judge me… I am prideless, egoless, actionless… I am Mahamaya. I am too simple… too sincere… there is no sign… I am mundane, ordinary… but extraordinary of the ordinary I am. This is the thing that people do not understand, but you have felt the vibrations and Realisation through Me. I must be something. Put your attention like this, to understand. There must be a tremendous thing inside this body – it cannot be possible otherwise (1980-1116)

So far Krishna, Christ, Rama, all of them… nobody gave Self Realisation to people. They had other powers… Samhara Shakti, Krishna had – he could kill anybody. I have also these powers built in… but obviously I am a simple, ordinary, mundane type of an Indian Lady… finished! Christ had the power to get himself crucified, and to resurrect also – I too have these powers, but I am not going to do all that. Why are they not used… because the main attention is to raise the Kundalini, and for that these powers are not required (1980-1116)

I am going to be just like you, all my life. I am going to get old… I’ll be just like you – I am not going to do anything outside. Just realise and recognise that there has to be something tremendous… It was necessary to have someone like that to do this tremendous task… and it was necessary for you to be born, to be with Me… to help. I know those who are with Me – they will stand by Me throughout. You have to stand by Me (1980-1116)

So the Sahaja Yogis which are today here, have to realise that… these evil forces are also there. There are some within us… some are without… so it looks to be a very difficult task… but it’s not… because one condition, if you can understand… is that you have to recognise me. I know, I’m Mahamaya… I’m really very clever at it… but I’m truthful… but still I’m Mahamaya… so to recognise me what should we do… if we recognise, then you are protected. And the cleansing is the simplest thing in Sahaja Yoga… is to be collective. If you are not collective… then know that something wrong with you… if you are collective… if you are enjoying the collective, then you should know that you are clean… no blemish is there… you are absolutely alright. (1991-1013)

Now the second part of this Mahamaya business… I had to be very close to you… I had to be extremely close… to talk to you… to have a rapport… to tell you everything about Sahaja Yoga… to make you absolutely aware of yourself. This had to be done… and with all these complications within your mind… within your heart… within your body… I had to work it out. To come close in the real form would have been very dangerous… so one had to be a Mahamaya. But despite that, if you could recognise me… to understand me… that I am Divine Personality… an Incarnation… that’s all the Deities want. Then they’ll look after you in every way… they’ll give you all the powers… all the satisfaction… all the protection that you want. This is the condition which for a rational mind is very difficult to understand… that how can Adi Shakti be in one body… how can the infinite become finite. Human beings cannot do that. God can do it… he is God after all (1991-1013)

I see people when I talk to them… they start talking to me little frivolously… not with that depth… not with that feeling that I am Mahamaya. Then some of them even answer me… explanations. Of course this freedom I have given you deliberately… but you must understand that you have to talk to me in a way that you would talk to Adi Shakti… is very important (1991-1013)

So just behind this recognition is all the powers… but if you are doubting… still half way this that, then things won’t be alright. You shouldn’t worry about your reputation… just go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing… that you are my child, and that I am Adi Shakti… everything that looks horrible will become better… you have seen it now… don’t worry about anything… just know that I am the Adi Shakti… that all the powers of Gods and Goddesses… and all that are within me… and they ‘are’ within me… and they are all looking after. But if that recognition is not there… they are not going to recognise you either (1991-1013)

Tape References:

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– end – 1 Oct 2002