Christ (1990-0811.2), who is the Incarnation of Shri Ganesha, is also known as Mahavishnu (1983-0129); Christ… who in his destroying incarnation known as Mahavishnu, or Kalki, is situated on our foreheads, and is coming for the Last Judgement, when every human being is going to be sorted out (1979-0928)… but those who have got Realisation will enter into the Kingdom of God (1981-1006); He has 11 destructive powers, with which He is going to come back (1981-0926)

The 11 destructive powers of Shiva… all these powers are in one Deity or Personality, that of Mahavishnu, or Christ (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316); The 11 powers include the powers from: Ganesha; Bhairava; Hirenyagarbha (the collective Brahmadeva); Kartikeya; Hanumana; Mahavishnu (Christ); Buddha; Mahavira; Shiva/Parvati; Sadashiva/Adi Shakti; and Virata. The powers of Eka Desha Rudra can be destroyed by misidentifications (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316), and may form a ridge… across the upper part… of the forehead (1982-0711; 1984-0622); The cure for problems with Ekadesha Rudra is to give up wrong ideas, and wrong Gurus, and by accepting that Sahaja Yoga is the only way; Beat with shoes (1983-0204; 1984-0916; 1997-0316)

Kalki is an abbreviation of Nishkalanka, and has the same meaning as Mother’s name, Nirmala, and means ‘spotlessly clean’ – without any spots on it. Nishkalanka is shortened to become ‘Kalki’, who is the coming Incarnation, also called Mahavishnu. This Incarnation has been described in the Puranas, as coming on this Earth on a ‘white horse’ in a place called Shambhalkul. Bhala means ‘forehead’, and ‘shambhala’ means ‘at that stage’, so it means that Kalki is situated on your Bhala, your forehead. Here he is going to be born. This is the real meaning of Shambhalkul; In between Jesus Christ, and his destroying incarnation of Mahavishnu, called as Kalki, there is a time given to human beings to rectify themselves, for them to enter into the Kingdom of God, and which is called in the Bible the ‘Last Judgement’. All those who have an aspiration to enter into the Kingdom of God are born in these modern times. This is the most important time, because Sahaja Yoga is the ‘Last Judgement’. It is fantastic to hear this, but it is a fact and it is the truth (1979-0928)

It is in the Devi Purana… the ancient Indian scripture of the Goddess, the Goddess Purana, wherein is described Christ, who is called as Mahavishnu (1981-1006)… and it is written in the Devi Mahatmyam, where it is said that the Goddess created Mahavishnu out of an egg, suggesting the idea of the second birth (1981-0330)

If you read the story of the birth of Shri Ganesha… and then you proceed on, you’ll be surprised it’s written that it was called as Brahmanda… means the egg of the Brahma, that came into existence… and half of it became Mahavishnu, means the Christ… and half of it remained as Shri Ganesha (2000-0423)

Radha, in the Vaikuntha stage, created this great personality of the Son of God… the greatest of all… the Adhara… the Support of the Universe… this Mahavishnu… who incarnated on this Earth as our Lord Jesus Christ. She created him like an egg, out of which one half was kept as the seed, as Shri Ganesha, as the Spirit… and the other half was created as Jesus Christ – see the symbolism of Easter… like an egg… people knew about it somehow… why do we have Easter Eggs. The whole egg was nothing but the egg of the Divine Power, which had to manifest this Divine Power on this Earth; Radha is nobody else but Mother Mary herself… she is Mahalakshmi (1981-1006)

And then it is said that when Mahavishnu came out, he started crying for his father… just think of it… he was asking for his father. Now if you see Christ, he always used these 2 fingers… no other Incarnation has used these 2 fingers… this is Vishuddhi, and this is Nabhi… that means he is talking of his father, who was the Nabhi king, Shri Vishnu… and his Incarnation as Shri Krishna. So he is indicating that they are my father. How clearly he does that… why not have some other Mudras, other style of holding the fingers… always… these 2 fingers… meaning my father, the one who was Vishnu, and who was Shri Krishna (2000-0423)

Then in the life of Shri Krishna, they say Mahavishnu will be your son. All these things are not put together as I am telling you… but separately… but if you have proper understanding, you can understand the connection… that Christ was the son of Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna… and was blessed that… ‘you will be the support of the whole Universe’… the support, the Adhara of the whole Universe. Now the one half is Shri Ganesha, who is the support in a way… it supports the Kundalini… it looks after the Kundalini… it looks after the chastity of the Mother… and the another one which is expressed is Jesus Christ, who is the support of the whole Universe… so naturally it has to be the moral basis… as he is a part and parcel of Shri Ganesha… it’s the moral basis of human beings… the moral basis… will be supported… and which is missing in the lives of Christianity (2000-0423)

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