A mantra is the awakened calling, with which we ask the help of all the Angels… the calling which has meaning. The authority applied with the word, and with which we can awaken all these forces within us – they are so tremendous (1980-0609); Mantras should open your chakras, otherwise they have no meaning. They should be used properly, at key points, with great respect, and with great understanding (1980-0127.2), and can be said in either Sanskrit or in English (1984-0708); That power of the word that expresses the Spirit (1984-0422); The left Vishuddhi must be ok if we wish to say mantras (1983-0202); When taking the name, of Shri Krishna, it is taken as Radha Krishna… the energy before the Deity (1981-1006)

Mantras may take the form of ‘Om Twamewa Sakshat (Shri Mata) Namoh Namah’, so it will be short, as when saying 108 names (1980-0518), or ‘Om Twamewa Sakshat (Hamsa Chakra Swamini) Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah’, and may be said

3 times, as when said for a particular chakra (1980-0517.2); Every word spoken by the Mother is a Mantra, every word chosen for it’s effect (1985-0806)

You can coin your own mantras, because you have some sort of an authority which you can use, and every mantra that you will say will be awakened… even if you are not yet out of your possessions, still you will work it out… still you can raise the Kundalini of others… and nothing will go wrong with the person whose Kundalini you are raising… to that purity it is (1979-1111); You have no authority to take any mantra… unless and until you are a Realised Soul (1977-1121)

If you coin a ‘Mardini’ mantra with anyone… finished. You see it is like this… ‘I’ am entitled you see… I am the one who has killed all of them… so I am entitled… I’ve got the title you see… if you take my name… title… they are finished off there… all their powers are dropping; Of course… you have killed many of them… this is the minimum power you have. (1979-1202.3)

If it is a guru problem, then say the Adi Guru mantra for the Void. Tell him to say the mantra. If you know the name of the guru… you know the mantra to be used… like Narakasura Mardini… Mahishasura Mardini, or Sarva Asura Mardini. Then best is to give vibrated salt with water to drink (1980-0517.2); Mantras for false Gurus include “Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini” (1979-1203), and “Sarva Asura Mardini” (1980-0517.2); Those who have been to any gurus should put their right hand on their heart, because your Spirit is your Guru… who resides in your heart (1983-0302)

What I’m asking you your mantra for… because once you give up your mantra, you give up your misidentifications. Why I asked you… I would like to see how much you are still identified with him (a false guru – Ed)… if you are still identified with him, I cannot do anything about it… because evil is evil, and good is good (1979-0618)… these mantras are the names of devils (1979-0618)

When we are meditating, and there is a problem, we say the mantra for that problem (1979-1118); We have got different mantras for different chakras… if one chakra is catching, then you work on that chakra only, and develop your mantras on that; Now you have to ask from your heart… whatever you have to say, say it from your heart; When you are saying the mantra, put your attention without thought to that particular chakra… but if you are thinking, then you are again catching the heart – by thinking the right side gets overactive, the ego develops… and engulfs the heart. Mantras are very important for Sahaja Yogis (1980-0907); Mantras are to give ‘strength’ to your Deities… of course the Deities are very powerful… but ‘strength’… meaning the vehicle, which is carrying the Deity… becomes stronger (1985-0502)

Now for Sahaja Yogis as I say there should be no ritual… ritualistic things always make you absolutely dead… like early in the morning you start with a mantra… and go on repeating mantra like a mechanical thing… it’s absolutely paying no respect to the Deity. But in a proper way… whichever Deity you want to awaken… think of that Deity, try to cleanse it, with all the understanding and deliberations… with respect… with a protocol… and not just to take somebody’s name and just go on chanting any mantra you feel… it’s not a mechanical thing. Sahaja Yoga is a thing which has to come from the heart… it is heart felt… if you do not do it from your heart it has no meaning (1981-0511)

You may carry on like that, but you’ll find after some time you have lost your vibrations… you have lost the cool breeze… because heart doesn’t like mechanical things… every day it does new things… it never sticks onto habits… it never sticks on the same routine of things… it’s bubbling every day with new appearances… one has to do it with complete love towards yourself and toward others… with complete esteem of your being and others (1981-0511)

When you put attention to the chakra you put attention to the deity. You say the mantra of the deity, you study the qualities of the deity. If you manifest those qualities in your character then the deity is pleased – then it is very easy to please the deity. It is ver difficult to please me because I am Mahamaya. But whatever qualities you can grasp of mine, imbibe them. I stooped down to elevate others, this quality will take you to higher qualities. Try to imbibe the pure qualities of the kundalini. Be pure in heart – start with purity. That is when we say a person as got the siddhi of the deity. You have to concentrate on the deity and imbibe his qualities therwise there is no use of saying the mantras. (1984-0506)

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– end – 7 May 2003