The boundaries of your relationships; The discretion of the heart (1982-0402); The boundaries of dharma (1990-0818), that are restored by the Kundalini (1992-0621); Chastity, the practice of innocence in you, gives you the Mariadas, the limits. It is the sister in the family, who gives to the brothers the Mariadas, how far to go (1985-0901); Vishnumaya will see to it… that husband and wife sit together (1985-0901)

When a lady says she has a male friend, it’s not a Mariada; You cannot have friendship between men and women… you cannot… it’s absolutely absurd; A brother and a sister are never friends… they don’t talk much (1985-0901); A pure relationship must exist between brother and sister… supposing a brother and sister are walking, they won’t look at each other will they… will they be watching each other… no! When your brother and sister relationship goes off… you get into troubles… very much into troubles (1986-0818); When you are very good brothers and sisters, first of all your left Vishuddhi improves – we get this left Vishuddhi, because we don’t have proper brother and sister relationship. It’s not that we should have our ‘own’ sister… but ‘any’ woman who is a Sahaja Yogini is your sister… except for your own wife. Unless and until we develop that pure feeling within ourselves, we cannot work out Sahaja Yoga… I know it’s rather difficult to digest… but it’s a fact (1986-0818)

Anything that you want to use… like the computer… also should have it’s Mariadas… don’t go beyond it (1997-1004); The Kundalini rises in it’s own Mariada. It brings back your Mariadas. You are human beings, don’t live like animals… even worse than animals… you have no right to do that. God has not created you to be subhuman, but to be super-human (1992-0621)

Now you have to love all the seekers of the world… they have done wrong… they have done all kinds of ego trips… they have done all kinds of mistakes… but your Mother loves them… and you have to love them. If they have to be corrected, I’ll do that… you just don’t do that way that they feel hurt. So we have a Sahaja Yoga tradition also in which when we speak to each other, we have that

Sankoch within us of Shri Ram… and if you don’t have that Sankoch you get right heart… and that right heart is a very dangerous thing in the country like England where the climate is so bad… because it gives you the horrible thing called Asthma. So this Sankoch one has to learn… the Mariadas… means the boundaries of your relationships. Shri Rama is known for his boundaries… he doesn’t cross the limit… in everything… discretion of the heart should be there. Now there is no word for discretion of the heart in English language… which is Mariada… discretion of the heart is… how far to go (1982-0402)

Those people who are obedient to me are very powerful Sahaja Yogis… you know that… and those who are not, go down very fast. I have seen those who are disobedient, who don’t listen to me, who are rude to me, who do not understand the protocol… go down very much in Sahaja Yoga… because what is lacking in you is the discretion, the Mariada… how far to go. You have to be powerful people and the power of a person increases by putting Mariadas – supposing you have wheat, and you spread it, it will spread all over and anybody, birds will come and eat it up… it will be finished. But if you put it in a sack, it will have a weight… it will have a size… it will rise in height… is useful… and it will have respect. But the thing that is all spread all over will never be respected. Nothing works out without Mariadas… you have to keep your Mariadas. All our ideas of freedom are to be bound by Mariadas… if the freedom has no Mariadas, it is abandonment… it is a nonsense… it is not going to help (1982-0402)

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– end – 1 Oct 2003