Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene

When Mary Magdalene was anointing Christ’s Feet with oil, and someone suggests that she would be better to sell the oil and get some money, Christ replies ‘The poor are with you always, but I am with you for a short while’ – emphasising the importance of the Divinity (1979-0416)

When Mary Magdalene was being stoned, Christ stood before her… now Christ was an Incarnation of truth, and he had nothing to do with a prostitute… he had no relationship with her whatsoever, but he stood before her and said to the people, ‘those who have not committed any sin can throw stones at me!’… and nobody would – such courage and such understanding of righteous behaviour, starts shining in your character (1987-0513; 1984-0807)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0416 Living work of God, Easter, Putney good 45

1984-0807 Bath Public Programme (+Q&A 30 mins/Experience 20 mins) good 30 1987-0513 Melbourne PP [PP video set 4/5,6] good

– end – 5 Apr 2003