We have to rise above the gravitational force of materialism, which is today’s religion everywhere, whatever they may call it… whether it is communism or capitalism, or democracy… or demonocracy, whether it is Christianity, or Hinduism or Islam or any other nonsense – all of that is nothing but materialism in it’s all absurd forms. Kundalini is the only thing that can take you, like the stalk of the lotus, out of this mud of materialism; All materialists are egoistical, racists – they are robbers and plunderers. They go to other countries… and settle down nicely, robbers and plunderers, and extracting the wealth of another. All this can become very ‘sophisticated’ and ‘beautified’ – we have to fight that, but to do that we have to get out of it completely (1986-0706)

Because we come from matter, it is easy to go back to matter, to materialism, to primitiveness; All beauty drops out if we take to materialism… but materialism will drop out, when we see ourselves in collectivity; Matter divides us from each other (1987-0408); Materialism takes away everything that is beautiful, that is good within you… is a kind of befooling that is going on, is a horrible stuff, and makes a person absolutely shameless. For example with fashion, what is the need to run after fashions… just because someone wants to make some money (1987-0503.1); Thinking is another style of materialism, is a subtle materialism… get rid of it (1983-0104); Materialism is a problem of the left Nabhi (1983-0107); Is absolutely against dharma… because it creates all kinds of peoples… Mafias… cheats (1997-1004); When we have become the matter, nothing can stir us but some sort of a shock, and that is why we go for this kind of literature which is shocking, which we call as sensational (1987-0513)

In India it is said that if someone’s pin is in your house, you should look after it for eternity, but if your diamond is lost with somebody, you should never ask for it… it is not good manners. What is more valuable, is not the diamond… it is the relationship… the friendship (1987-0503.1)

People who are materialistic have no heart… they are just dried up… the only thing they understand is money, money… money. So too much attachment to money is also materialistic… as is also the waste of money… but the mismanagement of money is the worst of all (1980-0927)

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– end – 10 Mar 2003