After Realisation, if you are still identified with matter, then your Realisation slows down… matter is absolutely secondary… matter which is gross is of no meaning. Subtle matter is alright for us… it’s important… like the light which is burning… the water that is in the ocean… the open sky… or, the Mother Earth which in certain places in India, is very much sucking your material identifications (1980-0927)

We should give up the engulfing, enclosing, entombing influence of matter; All ideas about ‘sophistication’, our ‘standing in society’, how we relate to politics, economics, etc. – all can tie us down to that tomb of matter. We belong to the category of Spirit, which can rise above all tombs (1985-0408)

Matter is made out of 5 elements, the 5 elements that have made this body of ours… and they are on the right side of the human being. These 5 elements either push you towards the left side or they pull you towards the right side. Now when you start using the matter, gradually you become lethargic… you become a slave to it… it becomes a habit… the comfort enslaves you. Secondly, if you try to overpower the matter, getting overactive with matter, making everything properly, overefficient with the matter, then your ego develops, and when your ego develops, you go into violence – because if you produce more, you have to be violent about it… otherwise you do not know how to sell it. You become a sort of an aggressive businessman or country, which tries to overpower other nations with their material advancement… you become materialistic and such people have no heart… they are just dried up… the only thing they understand is money, money… money. So too much attachment to money is also materialistic… as is also the waste of money… but the mismanagement of money is the worst of all (1980-0927)

So matter has been identified with us, we have been using it, living with it… and that’s why it is easy for us to get back into the same circle of matter… we pay attention to it, get into it… Now if I say do not pay attention to it, then we go into another side… we jump into vices… vices of uncleanliness, of filth, dirt, mismanagement… so from one extreme to another extreme you go (1980-0927)

So to be materialistic is your nature… because you have started with it… but it is also human nature to ascend… and which way you go is the thing… the ladder can take you up… or it can bring you down… if you are to go up, then your eyes should be upwards (1980-0927)

When you are using the matter, see the auspiciousness of it… see the auspiciousness of the things that you are using. At random we buy things… we buy clothes. If you could… use your vibratory awareness to buy your things, to see what you should buy, what would look nice… because beauty and auspiciousness go hand in hand… they are not ‘two’ things (1980-0927)

The value of matter is in aesthetics, artistic things – which we can give to others (1986-0305); If matter does not have aesthetics, then it is gross (1983-0113); Expresses love, when given to another (1990-0912); When the aesthetics of matter starts giving you joy… you do not want to possess it… even if you want to possess it… it would be just to enjoy it and give it away to somebody else. When you develop your witness state, this will come to you… that you will not keep things to yourself, but you would like to give and share. Sharing… that is the time you should know you have become a witness because you are enjoying (1980-0927)

You are at a stage where you have to detach yourself from matter (1980-0927); The essence of Puja is how to overcome our material grossness; We must know that matter is given to us by God… everything belongs to God; So why do we give to God… after all God doesn’t need anything. But God is the enjoyer… the enjoyer is God in you… when God is there, that enjoys… that is the Spirit. So whatever pleases your Spirit is used in the Puja… is to be given; Supposing we give a flower to God… after all it is God’s own creation… what are we giving. These flowers when you give it to me, they give you two things. Flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras (1980-0927)

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– end – 10 Mar 2003