Mediocre People


Mediocre People

People who are mediocre think that gradually they will be alright, and that they’ll come up… but I would suggest that you should make all out effort… to become strong Sahaja Yogis (1987-1219)

For Puja, you should not get people who are of mediocre nature, because to bear up Puja is very difficult… people have not yet understood the value of my Being, of my Feet, of my Hands… they cannot… they do not… deserve to be here. So do not get anybody, because he’s your friend, or brother or sister… it’s wrong… you are spoiling the chances of that poor person… because it’s too much for him… he cannot bear it… it’s meant for very few people (1980-0505); For Puja, we should not have people who are not at least in Nirvichara… means if they still think that Sahaja Yoga… will not suit me, and all that… we don’t want such mediocres… they should not come… nothing will work out with them… absolutely. If they have to come to the Puja… they must know that… you have to be of a calibre… otherwise please don’t come (1985-0504)

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