You all have to become masters in Sahaja Yoga… and for becoming masters in Sahaja Yoga I am sure you are doing meditation… introspection… and all kinds of Sahaja Yoga practices. You have to meditate collectively… whenever there is collective meditation, you must join that. With collective meditation… you get alright… all your problems are solved if you go to collective meditation regularly… I promise you (2000-1231)

Meditation is the most Sahaja method (1976-0330); Is nothing but surrendering – is ‘complete’ surrendering (1982-0731); Is very important, in order to achieve faith in oneself (1996-1020); It is not necessary that you should sit for meditation for 3 to 4 hours (1988-0105), but is to be done regularly, daily (1983-0121), 10 minutes morning and evening (1987-0513); This right and left side movement has to finish… you have to be in the centre, and to come in the centre the best thing is to meditate… about 10 minutes in the night and about 5 minutes in the morning; Some people do not meditate… then they cannot grow… the way you can grow is only through meditation and understanding (1998-0706); Meditation is the medicine (1985-0806), and is very important, in order to achieve faith in oneself (1996-1020)

Meditation is for you… to go deep down into yourself… to achieve all that your Sahastrara wants to give you. To achieve that height of detachment, of understanding, is only possible through meditation. What happens in meditation is that your awareness crosses over Agnya… goes above, and is now stationed in Sahastrara, in thoughtless awareness. Then the Reality of Sahastrara, the beauty of Sahastrara starts pouring in your own character, your own temperament. Unless and until you meditate – not meditate just to get well, or just to feel that you must meditate – but… meditation is important for all of you, that you develop your Sahastrara in such a manner that you imbibe the beauty of your Sahastrara. If you don’t use your Sahastrara in this way, after some time you will find Sahastrara will close down… you will have no vibrations, and you will have no understanding of yourself… so it’s a very important thing to meditate (1998-0510)

Meditation is the only way you can enrich yourself with the beauty of Reality… there’s no other way… to rise into the realm of Divinity (1998-0510); You must have seen, when people get their Realisation when I am there, they come to the programs for a while, and then they drop out… the reason is that they have not meditated. So you have to promise me that you will meditate every night, every evening, maybe in the morning also… whenever it is possible, if you can go into meditative mood, you are in contact with this Divine Power. Then whatever is good for you, for your society, for your country… all is done by this Divine Power… you don’t have to overpower the Divine Power, you don’t have to order, you don’t have to ask… just if you meditate, you are ‘one’ with this All Pervading Power. Unless and until your Sahastrara is open, all the blessings of the Divine Power cannot come to you… cannot! Maybe you might get some money, you might get some jobs, this and that, but your own development is only possible when you meditate, and your Sahastrara is fully open (1998-0510)

When you meditate you are in silence, you are in thoughtless awareness… then the growth of awareness takes place, and then it opens out… but, if you are ‘thinking’ – it is like a lake, and the lake is completely in a turmoil… then nothing can grow. But supposing it is silent, then lotuses can grow… anything can grow. In the same way, if your mind is agitated… and your growth is not yet fully expressing itself… then it is such a vicious circle… that… you are agitated… then your growth is hindered… again you are agitated… and then your growth is again hindered. So the best way is to take to meditation… when you do, this turmoil will settle down… and when it will settle down, your growth will take place (1988-0921)

Once you have got your Realisation… and once you have become ‘one’ with the Divine… then there is no question of your going down… unless and until you yourself want to go down. It’s very remarkable how you get this… and after that you don’t lose it… of course, first you must grow… and for that you have to meditate… but this meditation, once you do it… the whole being itself gets so enlightened, and so beautiful, that you don’t want to change it… you want to be there and enjoy it for ever (2000-0507)

In meditation you can become thoughtless… for a short time – this short time should go on increasing, that you are without thought. But human beings cannot understand that anything can happen spontaneously… so in Sahaja Yoga we have something very simple… the mantra, Nirvichara. So now you watch anything, saying the mantra for Nirvichara, then you’ll start seeing that… witnessing that… without thinking – we become the witness, the Sakshi (1992-0719)

Those who have diffidence about themselves, cannot do anything, but those who are surrendered, and those who think that they can do it, ‘can’ manage all this transfer of their power to the Divine Power. It’s like, if you have a car, you don’t push it… you just sit in it and use it… in the same way, if you have this great power around you, if your Sahastrara is completely submerged in it, then you’ll be amazed how things will work out for yourself. One thing obstructing Sahastrara is the movement of your Agnya into thoughts… because a human being reacts to everything, to this, to that, and the thoughts are coming… because of that, your attention cannot cross over Agnya – one should see what sorts of thoughts are coming… you have to condemn yourself sometimes. You have to say… ‘what nonsense’… ‘what have I been doing’… ‘what is the matter with me’… ‘how can I do all that’. Once you start doing all that, these thoughts will start disappearing (1998-0510); I know immediately a person who meditates, and I know who does not meditate (1998-0712)

We have a dharma of a wife, of a husband, of a member of society… all of them have their own dharmas. Shri Krishna says ‘leave them… leave them to me, and I’ll manage’… this we have to learn… is to say that it is the Divine Power which will solve our problems. This is for human beings a very difficult state, and this state can only be achieved through meditation. I am not saying that you go on meditating for hours together, not necessary, but with full faith in yourself and in the Divine Power… if you work it out, I’m sure it’s not difficult to rise to that state of consciousness (1998-0510)

First bath/wash, then sit down… don’t speak… watch the Photo, stop your thoughts, and go into meditation. To stop your thoughts, first say Ganesha Mantra, then the Lord’s Prayer, or “I forgive”, or Nirvichara mantra (3 times), followed by Mahatahankara mantra (3 times), and then raise the left side 7 times to get balance – each as necessary until thoughtlessness is achieved. Then: “I surrender this thing”, and put love, put your Guru in the core of your heart, and bow to that, humble down at the Feet of your Guru

– ask for the necessary atmosphere for meditation. Pay attention to your heart or emotions… try thinking of your Mother… watch your breathing, slowing it, reducing by pausing at the end of each in and out breath, as if stopping it, but no exertion about it… and then raise your Kundalini. Finally say Sahastrara Mantra 3 times, and go into meditation. Once this has been done, you go into meditation; This is like cleansing, and is called as Nyasa. If there is any other obstruction you can also say for that. Find out what is your problem, where is the Kundalini stopping – you can feel it within yourself, or if not within yourself you can feel it on your fingers (1979-1118; 0.0001)

We cannot ‘meditate’… we can only be ‘in’ Meditation. When we say we are going to meditate, it has no meaning – we have to be ‘in meditation’; When we are moving in the three dimensions of our life, i.e. the emotional, physical and mental, we are not inside ourselves. But when we are inside, we are in thoughtless awareness – then also we are everywhere, because there we are in contact with the Principle, with the Shakti, the Power that permeates into every particle that is matter, into every thought that is emotion, into every planning and thinking of the whole world, and into all the elements that have created this beautiful Earth. When you are ‘in meditation’ you must allow yourself to be in thoughtless awareness. There the Unconscious itself will take charge of you – you will start moving with the force of Atit. The Unconscious is going to work it out, is going to take you there, where it wants you to go. Try to keep to thoughtless awareness as much as you can – that is when you are in the Kingdom of God, and His people, His arrangements, His Consciousness is going to look after you (1976-0330)

If you are on the Eternal Principle, all that is not eternal changes, drops out, dissolves and becomes non-existent. You have to enjoy the strength of Eternity, the strength of Divine Love, the strength of the universal being that you are – this is what meditation is. So when Sahaja Yogis ask what should we do for meditation… be in thoughtless awareness, that’s all – don’t ‘do’ anything. But we are used to one thing… that is that we must ‘do’ something about it. Meditation is the most Sahaja method… this ‘I-ness’ has to go away – that is what meditation is… where you are no more ‘I’, but it is ‘You…’ (1976-0330); There is only one problem, and that is that although you are ‘there’, still your attention is involved with outside… that is the only defect. Then ‘how to remove’… once you say ‘how to remove’, that means you have created the 3 dimensional involvement. You are not to remove… it is there! If your attention is outside, I would have said… ‘no, your attention has to go inside’, but your attention is there. Myself, I would just feel where I am… that’s all (1976-0330)

When I am sitting here… keep your eyes open… where are you going to meditate… meditate on me… keep your eyes open… just keep your eyes open (1985-0504)

Sit in Meditation, improve your Antar Yoga, make your state of thoughtlessness wider and wider, but not to be done superficially – put your whole heart in it (1983-0204); Those who don’t meditate have no depth, and the Agnya will be full of thought. If there are no aspirations, as far as the Spiritual side is concerned, then it would be better to leave (1995-1224); Quieten yourselves within – you can stop your thoughts through controlling the breathing (1981-1103)

Meditation is a very general word… there are three steps for meditation: Dhyana, Dharna and Samadhi – but in Sahaja Yoga we got all 3 in a bundle, we avoided everything else and got the Samadhi part. Dhyana is the seeking part, where you put your attention towards the object of your worship. Then Dharna is where you put all your effort, concentrate all your effort, so your attention is continuously on your Deity, til your attention becomes one with that Deity. When these mature, the 3rd state of Samadhi comes in. In this state you see your Deity in everything you do, and in everything that happens around you (1983-0723.1)

Now we must meditate also after Puja, because my vibrations you do not suck in without meditation, I have seen. If you have sincerity about it, really… you will suck all my vibrations. Tell your mind not to ask questions or to misbehave… but to suck the vibrations clearly. This is for your own nourishment… for your own growth… for your own enjoyment (1980-0505)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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