Mental Activity


Mental Activity

Recognition of our Mother, is the mental activity of the Heart. Develop it by introspection and meditation, developing those waves of gratitude, love, oneness and Joy (1991-0505); When your attention goes to the Spirit, joy starts bubbling in your life. No mental activity can take you there – only by Kundalini awakening is it possible (1998-0320)

Mentally you cannot understand Sahaja Yoga… you cannot… don’t try to rationalise it (1979-0608.2); Right side activity: too much mental activity, which develops the ego (1979-0616); Mental activity… is contra-indicated for any form of Sahaj or Spiritual activity, or for one’s ascent, or for the expression of love or compassion (1995-0917)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1991-0505 Sahastrara Puja, Ischina, Italy – see 1991-0915 good 40 1979-0608.2 Maria’s House Tape 2 poor

1979-0616 Dr Johnson House, Birmingham not good 55 1991-0505 Sahastrara Puja, Ischia, Italy

1995-0917 Patriotism and Modernism, Shakti Devi Puja – Moscow good 75 1998-0320 Felicitations, Delhi good 55

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