Some people have a habit of showing anger with the eyes… and the angry eyes are another dangerous thing to do with your eyes… because they can become mesmeric. If you start putting your eyes onto something and concentrating on it, your eyes might become mesmeric… means bhoots will start coming out of your eyes. First of all you catch bhoots in your eyes… they settle down there… and then they will be falling on other people as bhoots… it’s a very very dangerous thing to go on looking at something continuously with concentration (1986-0823)

If you think too much… and you think of the future… and you plan out everything… you start becoming sometimes possessed… and then you become a person who is very cocksure… very high handed… all are suffering from this possession from the right side. Especially people who are very austere type… extremely fanatical type… they enter into this area, and get possessed by these spirits… and then they become very powerful… because right side is physical and mental… they can be very powerful people, in the sense that they can mesmerise people into the ideas that they are higher people… like Hitler did… he did it with this Supraconscious. All such people are troublesome to others (1983-1001)

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Chakras affected: Right Side

– end – 10 Mar 2003