The industrial revolution has already cursed us… we are eating food from tins… our milk is from hybrid animals… we have divorce, drugs… (1988-0106); Hybrid foods, such as seeds, milk, and animals, confuse the brain and are not beneficial. Better to take ordinary seeds etc. and give vibrated water, to get better results (1987-1106.1)

In India the cow is regarded as a very humble animal. It gives it’s milk, it provides everything, and it doesn’t attack anyone (1985-0901); In the milk… when you put lime… or lemon… it starts separating… into water and curd (1977-0215); In Puja… the ingredients that were used were… firstly very little ghee, followed by honey, yoghurt, milk, and sugar (1985-0310)

You people take too much tea… it’s very injurious for the intestines… so much tea… is very wrong… plus milk with it… milk gives you diarrhoea. Limit your tea taking… or if you have to take many cups of tea, see that it is a very light tea. If you see how much our Mother takes tea… She may even take 10 cups… just to please us, but no sugar and no milk (1988-1221)

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– end – 1 Oct 2002