Have become so commonplace, that the word has lost it’s meaning (1989-0808); Those things that are miracles for us, but not so for the Mother (1983-0129); So many miracles have taken place… so many people have been cured, no doubt… but that doesn’t mean ‘you’ have done it… don’t get into the trap of ego… that’s most dangerous (1997-1225)

That are the Nature of God (1984-0731); It is Shri Ganesha who creates the miracles (1986-0907); Miracles are done by the angels, and they try to convince you that ‘you are one of us’ (1989-0423); Occur through the workings in the ether element (1978-1005); Also, as you are Realised Souls, all the Divine forces… all the Divine Deities… all the Eternal Beings, Chirenjivas… all the Angels and Ganas… all of them are looking after you… but they know one thing… those who are surrendered… and those who are not. You just surrender any problem… and you will be surprised… the answer will come in such a miracle. Just surrender… do not take any responsibility upon yourself… just surrender… because… how far can ‘you’ go in the solution… up to your rationality… beyond that you are your Spirit… and the Spirit is connected to the Divine… so best is to surrender (1980-1019)

We have had experiences of things working out, of many miracles happening before our eyes, but still it can happen that our attention has not settled down with these experiences. Old experiences and identifications continue – the filth of that is still on our being. Change everything – become a fresh new person – assume your position, as a Sahaja Yogi (1983-0723.3)

Now the time has come for us to publish our miracles that have taken place – all of you have had some experience of miracles… so I have to request you to send as soon as possible, written in English or Marathi (1998-0712)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003