Is not of interest to the Divine, is not understood by God. We cannot pay for God (1983-0129); If anybody says you have to pay, know that it is a falsehood… it’s some sort of a black magic (1989-0617.2); One cannot charge for Realisation (1979-0616); Ashrams you can pay for… but not your Realisation (1983-1001); You don’t have to pay… is the main thing one should understand. Like you don’t pay for your breathing or for you digestion – in the same way, for your ascent to a new life, for the breakthrough of your evolution, you don’t have to pay. As soon as you understand this point, you’ll be amazed that you’ll give up all the nonsensical people (1998-0705)

The main thing is that we do not take any money you see… so people think, you see… ‘that we are not bound… that we are absolutely free to come and go’… but this freedom sometimes makes a person a little superficial… or sometimes a little frivolous… but, I think people must take it more seriously about the whole thing… and should understand it… and learn it – we are Gurus. This is so precious… so invaluable… that you cannot charge… any money for this knowledge (1982-1008)

One’s attitude toward money may affect the Nabhi, and can spread to all the Void, and may ultimately go to the Ekadesha Rudra, e.g. if we avoid paying that which should be paid, like that which is due for food or travel etc., or if we make money out of Sahaja Yoga, or do not give the due amount. If we play tricks, then we may fall in our awareness, and may get all sorts of troubles. Is one of the sins against the Father (1983-0204); If we hanker after money too much, then we may have no Gruhalakshmi (1983-0131)… money takes us away from God (1983-0131); Your ego, if it comes say out of money and material things, it is better you give up some material things… not to God, but to somebody else (1980-0517.1)

Money making should not be the aim of life… because we have seen that people who have money are not very happy or peaceful people… it doesn’t give you that peace and joy (1989-0617.2); Right sided people, at the level of Nabhi, may have money, but they can never enjoy that money (1983-0209); People that are extremely ego oriented, become very miserly… extremely… so money oriented… they spend all their money on themselves… and not on others… even when it is their due, they will try to save… which we see among so many… even in Sahaja Yoga… that they have to pay something… but they will not pay… they want it even free, whatever it is, for which people are paying. These money oriented people are horrifyingly, surprisingly… are rich… there’s nothing like generosity in them (1983-0209)

The more you are worried about money, the worse it gets (1983-0209); To get after money, means you get very much in the clutches of money… so what is the solution to get rid of this greed, is to try and give it to others… and see the joy (1997-1004); Money is such a lure for human beings, that it kills all sense of decency, of higher values, everything (1997-1102)

How can you have all these nonsensical ideas for money… and for power… I just don’t understand. Of course we need money… for work for everything… but there is no need to run after it, or hanker after it. I am surprised… even after so many years of my hard work… there are still some people working out some stupid stuff… and they should know that they’ll be exposed in no time – this is the year of exposure… absolutely (2001-0321)

First and foremost quality of a Sahaja Yogi is that he has to be absolutely honest… he has not come here to make money… or to make power… but he has come to rise into the new, beautiful world that we are creating. What is the quality that you have imbibed in Sahaja Yoga, except that you have started some business, or something like that… it is very sad… but there are people who are still ruined in the mud of all these things. You have overcome so many things I know… you have achieved so many things I know… which is not possible… humanly impossible things you have done… you have got over all this nonsense… but still there are some people among you, who still are in the stinking mud of nonsense (2001-0321)

People who are materialistic have no heart… they are just dried up… and the only thing they understand is money… money… money. So too much attachment to money is also materialistic… as is also the waste of money… but the mismanagement of money is the worst of all (1980-0927)

Do your jobs… have money… money is needed for this work… you have to earn… you have to give money. Some are not even willing to give £10… such people… with them where am I going to do Sahaja Yoga… in a subtler way, for your own betterment you have to give money. For solving this problem you have to give me rice… you put it in my sari (1980-0927)

We should not save money where it concerns Self Realisation organising (1983-0209); If we try to save money, money tries to save itself – is a mutual understanding; Is like having only one door open – there is no air. But if we open a second door, there is circulation (1989-0611); We should save money, for Sahaja Yoga, for Ashrams, for the future (1982-1101); If we can get tapes free, we would like to have… some people take one for the centre, and all listen, and that’s it… no, we must have one tape each… sit down and listen again and again… every tape should be with you (1989-0611)

Now to a poor person, if you give something, they go into imbalances… for example, my husband, what he did was to increase the pay of his drivers… they started getting 1000 Rupees which was a very big amount. Within 6 months, their wives came to me… they said it was a wrong thing that he did… our husbands have got keeps now… they have started drinking… they have started not giving any money to us. So to poor people, if you give them more money, they do not know how to use it – they will be drinking… poor people drink much more than the rich people – so they have to be trained how to use money (1980-0927)

If you are a good Sahaja Yogi, you don’t have to worry about money (1997-1225); All the Saints have spent their own money, all over the world… to spread Sahaja Yoga – how much money have you spent of your own to spread Sahaja Yoga. I have spent thousands, you know that very well, on you people… even the Puja money that I get… every month I use it for buying some silver things for you – it should not be for you… it’s for me I should say… but… I do it. Every Saint used to spend money… whatever they had, they used that money to spread Sahaja Yoga (1985-0629); It’s a shameful thing that a Guru has to spend… for you (1983-0209)

In India, we have many Swayambhus, created by the Kundalini, and which are really worshipped. I have been to most of them, and I was surprised that most of the Pujaris were suffering from some sort of serious disease, like one was paralysed. When they asked why they were suffering like that, I said because you are just making money… you can’t make money out of God – if you don’t want to serve God, you don’t stay here… but if you want to serve God… then, you can stay here, but don’t make money out of it. It’s very common, I have seen… those people who make money, get paralysis (1997-0525)

Now when you are married… the girls may not be able to move immediately from their various places, because of visa problems… but don’t give them money to be sent to their families… that is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga. Girls should not send money to their parents… and trouble their husbands for that… that is not allowed… ‘sometimes’ if you want to send is alright… but should not… give any money for sending it to the relations of your wife… otherwise it will become a money oriented marriage, and people would marry because they can extract some money (1993-1224.1)

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– end – 19 Apr 2003