Mooladhara 1 Chakra



Mooladhara Chakra

The first centre or chakra, below the Kundalini, and means ‘support of the root’… from Moola/root (the Kundalini), and Dhara/support… and is controlled by the Deity of Shri Ganesha, whose qualities include innocence and wisdom, and who later incarnates as Lord Jesus Christ. The power of Shri Ganesha is auspiciousness, is the magnet within Mother Earth, and within us.

Auspiciousness is very important… when you speak, it should be auspicious – many people have a habit of speaking very inauspicious things… like we invite somebody to our house for a party… and we say something hurtful to them… or tell a dirty joke… at a time when there is a wedding going on. Hell is nothing but inauspicious living.

Now auspicious matters, which are important matters, must be kept at a higher level always… for example our Mother’s photograph is very auspicious… you don’t put it on the ground… nor do you trample over it. When you see some sort of a thing which is not auspicious, you should refuse to see such a thing… you should avoid seeing such a thing, because it is not going to give you any joy… any happiness.

A person who has Ganesha awakened within, becomes magnetic, and attracts others. This magnet is ‘Pure Love’, which does not depend on anything, except on itself. It spreads by it’s own nature

does not want, or expect anything, but spreads all over and enlightens other’s hearts – that is why they are attracted. With Shri Mataji, when the huge crowds come and are very still and quiet for a long time, it is the magnet that is working. The magnets are intact in children… and that is why we are fond of children.

This lowest centre is the centre that manifests our pelvic plexus… and which controls through it’s 4 petals or sub-plexuses the excretory, sex, and reproductive functions of the body… and the topmost one is for controlling the Kundalini’s movement.

Represents the earth element, the matter, the material side, and is situated below the Kundalini… because here resides our innocence. The Kundalini therefore does not pass through this chakra when she rises, and so sex has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening. Sex plays no part in Kundalini awakening… and we thus have to be correct in our ideas about sex.

There is a sanctity about sex… it is meant for a happy married life… and for having children – for leading a very happy and a good life, you must have a good sex life. In India… we never think of sex, and all this nonsense… it’s spontaneous… we do not read about it. Sex is a very sacred relationship with your wife… when you are with your wife, you see, you indulge into it… that’s all. If you go towards sex… and try to come to God… it is the most dangerous thing – if you go through sex… then you open yourself absolutely to Hell. It is a wholly private function.

Carbon, which comes from Ganesha on the left side, and is tetravalent, represents the centre of the periodic table. It is associated with the Mooladhara chakra, and represents the stage when life itself started. Carbon ignited the living process in matter. Carbon gives you life – without carbon, you cannot get life. Evolution itself is from the carbon stage, and amoeba stage, at Mooladhara, through the fish and reptile stages, to the present day, at Sahastrara. We must think… why we have evolved from amoeba to this stage, as a human being.

Evolution is still going on – this is not the end. So far, it is spontaneous. Evolution takes place only through your seeking – when you start seeking something… then only, you evolve. Now if you are evolved, there must be some purpose… there must be some method that God must have placed within us. So what is that thing within us… is the Kundalini, this residual force, which is placed in the triangular bone, which rises, passes through all the chakras, and pierces through the brain… and enters into the subtle being, that we are… by which we get connected to each other. And so the Collective Consciousness is established within you… it’s a happening… which has been promised long time back… by all the Religions, and all the Scriptures.