Mooladhara 2 and 3 Problems



Problems with Mooladhara

A catch (constriction or malfunction) at the left Mooladhara is a very dangerous thing. All incurable diseases come from disturbances in the Mooladhara – e.g. myelitis, cancers etc. Diseases that can result from Mooladhara problems include: multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, some cancers, some schizophrenias, aids and some stupidity.

If we do not put attention to our Mooladhara chakra, then our powers become very weak, and we start catching from negativity much more… those who have good Mooladhara do not catch so fast. If we have a strong Mooladhara, then the Mahakali power (power of the left side subtle system) is the strongest within us.

Correcting the Mooladhara

Clear your Mooladharas. So try to sit on the ground as much as you can, and try to meditate with your left hand towards the Sun and the right hand on the Mother Earth, and say the Shri Ganesha mantra, or the Atharvasheersha. So if you take vibrations on the left side, then you clear out your Mooladhara in such a manner that the problems of Mooladhara are solved.

These flowers when you give them to me, they give you two things – flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras.

Problems with Mooladhara

General Advice from Shri Mataji

Sit on the Mother Earth as much as you can – she helps the maximum I think.

To help in clearing the left Mooladhara, place the left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph, or towards the Sun, and the right hand on the ground… and say Shri Ganesha mantra or Atharvasheersha.

Footsoaking… for 7 days after Realisation… to establish your auspiciousness.

Try to establish the ‘purity of relationships’… look after your chastity and morality… for both men and women.

Try to be decent and decorous in your life style… and dress in a decent and dignified way.

Respect others… and refrain from gossip.

Watch Shri Mataji without blinking.