Mooladhara 5 Summary



Mooladhara – Summary

Chakra: Mooladhara

Deity: Shri Ganesha

Physical Level: Pelvic Plexus, Prostate Gland

Functions: Excretion, Sex, Reproduction, & Kundalini ascent

Qualities: Innocence, Purity, Wisdom, Magnetism,

Auspiciousness, Sense of Holiness, Humility, Eternal childhood, Playfulness, Spontaneity, Sahaj, Dedication to Mother.

Cause/Catch: Misuse of sex

Diseases: All incurable disease e.g. myelitis, cancers, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, some cancers, some schizophrenias, aids and some stupidity. Also too much catching from negativity.

Treatments: Sit on ground. Put Left hand towards Sun or Photo and Right hand on Mother Earth & say Shri Ganesha mantra or Atharvasheersha.

Give fragrant flowers to the Mother. Footsoaking. Establish purity of relationships. Respect others. Try to be decent & decorous in your lifestyle, and dress in a decent and dignified way.

Look after your morality & chastity… for men and for women. Refrain from gossip.

Watch Shri Mataji without blinking.

Mantras: Deity name

Petals: Four

Colour: Red

Element: Earth, Carbon

Symbol: Clockwise Swastika

Position: At back of head in the centre point

Country: Australia