The first centre or chakra, below the Kundalini, and means ‘support of the root, or Kundalini’ (from Moola/root; Dhara/support), and controlled by the Deity of Shri Ganesha, whose qualities include innocence and wisdom, and who later incarnates as Christ (1981-1005); The power of Shri Ganesha is auspiciousness, is the magnet within Mother Earth, and within us (1986-0907)

The mechanism that is placed within you… is placed inside your spinal cord, except for the last chakra, which is red in colour, and which is outside… and which controls the pelvic plexus within you… is the most important chakra… which emits innocence. The Deity sitting on it is Shri Ganesha… who represents the stage between animals and man… and, the head is that of the animal… showing… an animal does not have an ego… that a man is different from an animal… that the animal is innocent… that he doesn’t know what is sin… that is why he is innocent. He is innocence personified… and he incarnated too on this Earth… as Lord Jesus Christ. He is made of that essence of Divine Nature of God, that we call as Parama Tattwa… the highest essence of God… his body is made out of that… and that is the reason he could resurrect. At every point, at every chakra… he bestows on you the blessings of his innocence (1977-1121)

The lowest centre is the centre that manifests our pelvic plexus… and which has four sub-plexuses… has four petals… one of these sub-plexuses is for sex… one is for reproduction… and the topmost one is for controlling the Kundalini’s movement. Now this chakra is below the Kundalini, because here resides our innocence (1979-0722); Which controls through it’s 4 petals or sub-plexuses the excretory, sex and reproductive functions of the body. Red in colour (1981-1005); Associated with the pelvic plexus, and with the element ‘carbon’ (1979-0616); Whose essence is innocence (1986-0305)

Is the Earth principle, and whose creative principle is the Kundalini (1990-0114); Represents the earth element, the matter, the material side, and gives rise to the pelvic plexus. Is situated below the Kundalini, and the Kundalini therefore does not pass through this chakra when she rises, and so sex has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening (1979-1203)

A catch at the left Mooladhara is a very dangerous thing (1985-0806); All incurable diseases come from disturbances in the Mooladhara – e.g. myelitis, cancers, schizophrenia etc. (1986-0907); Diseases that can result from Mooladhara problems include: multiple sclerosis; muscular dystrophy; some cancers; some schizophrenias; Aids and some stupidity (1990-0828)

Clear your Mooladharas (1983-0104); If you are in Maharashtra, and you have any problem of Mooladhara, then if you sit down on the ground, and put your left hand towards the photo and the right hand on the Mother Earth, and say the Shri Ganesha mantra, or the Atharvasheersha, your left side will be cured… means the left Swadisthan first of all. So if you take vibrations on the left side, then you clear out your Mooladhara in such a manner that the problems of Mooladhara are solved. Of course Mother Earth is everywhere, but this you can’t do anywhere else that good… because this is a special place for Mooladhara chakra, where it clears you very much, and fills you with holiness and auspiciousness. So try to sit on the ground as much as you can, and try to meditate with your left hand towards the Sun and the right hand on the Mother Earth (1988-1207); Cures also include, watching the Mother without blinking (1983-0113.2)

If we do not put attention to our Mooladhara chakra, then our powers become very weak, and we start catching from negativity much more… those who have good Mooladhara do not catch so fast. If we have a strong Mooladhara, then the Mahakali power is the strongest within us (1989-0617.1); These flowers when you give them to me, they give you two things – flowers are very important… if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras (1980-0927)

Sahaja Yoga has one problem in the West… that people don’t want to hear that you should be moral… they find it very difficult… but it’s a fundamental thing that we have to be moral people. Now they are seeing the results of it… that they have got AIDS… they have got all these diseases… all these troubles – from that they are learning that our Mooladhara should be alright (1989-0617.1)

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