The ‘code of conduct’ (1986-1128); The expression of innocence (1996-0915); If you have been immoral, you get the left Vishuddhi catch… this is the basics. If you become immoral, in the Subconscious the guilt is built in (1980-0907)

Sahaja Yoga has one problem in the West… that people don’t want to hear that you should be moral… they find it very difficult… but it’s a fundamental thing that we have to be moral people. Now they are seeing the results of it… that they have got AIDS… they have got all these diseases… all these troubles – from that they are learning that our Mooladhara should be alright (1989-0617.1)

The practice of innocence is chastity. It is the foundation of all dharmas, and works in you as Gauri, as Kundalini, and gives you the Mariadas. The sense of chastity is completely lacking in the West. You must respect your chastity, which is the Vishnumaya power, the Gauri power, the pure virgin, and it is protected by Shri Vishnumaya. The essence of religious life, of righteous life, of Sahaja Yoga life is chastity – without a sense of chastity, you cannot have dharma; Moral chastity comes before material chastity. But whether you do money cheating in Sahaja Yoga, or you cheat morally, the result is the same – the left Vishuddhi catches… the whole problem will start from there (1985-0901)

The ‘sin against the Mother’… is the problem in the West… is an insult to the Mother Power of God (1983-0131)… the biggest sin of modern times… which is immorality, and which produces cancer which is also heat producing, and is also called the ‘Sin against the Goddess’. Results in psychosomatic, or physical diseases, such as Aids, cancer etc… with delayed punishment (1994-1009; 1983-0113.2); Is not difficult for you to get out of it. Attention is to be kept pure. If the attention is not pure, then there will always be attacks by any nonsensical thing which has no meaning in your ascent (1982-1219)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003