Mother Earth


Mother Earth

Also called as Dhara, meaning the one which is the sustainance itself, because she sustains us… on her we live. This Mother Earth is revolving with a tremendous speed and, but for her gravity we would not have existed here. She moves in a spiral around the Sun, which is itself moving up and down; She understands, thinks, coordinates, and creates. She is the creator of the body of Shri Ganesha, and is represented within us as Kundalini (1986-0803)

Early in the morning, when we get up, and we put our foot on her, we should say ‘oh Mother, please forgive us because we are touching you with our feet’ (1986-0803); Mother Earth sucks all our problems (1980-0609); She sucks in your negativity when you stand on her with bare feet, respecting her and asking her to suck your negativity, with a light in front of you… in front of my photograph (1986-0803); Mother Earth is the one who sucks all these negative forces of the left hand side (1988-0921)

Some of the things are sucked by the Mother Earth… some are sucked by the flame… can be the flame… can be the fire… the Sun also sucks in… the sky also… depends on what centres you have in problem… on what problems you have… alright. But on the whole, the Mother Earth is the most gracious thing… she helps the maximum I think (1982-1008)

She creates these beautiful fruits for us to eat, the trees for us to make furniture and to make nice houses, the green grass for us to soothe our nerves. She carries so many rivers and so many huge big oceans on her being. Such a great thing she is. Yet we exploit her indiscriminately… then the reactions are set in… the beautiful cycle of nature is broken by our aggressive attitude. Then the ether starts acting and we get acid rains. And when she gets upset, we get volcanic eruptions… (1986-0803)

The Mother Earth is so innocent… whether you are good or bad, she gives you fruits… she looks after you… of course up to a point… after that she may bring forth some sort of calamity, like an earthquake or something (1993-0721); We are so closely related to Mother Earth… the Mother Earth, and the Atmosphere react to our behaviour… to how we live (1997-0823.1); Human beings have been so stupid to exploit her to the maximum… not only that but she bears lots of nonsense upon herself… but then a time comes where she becomes explosive… she starts consuming people inside her… then you see the earthquakes, the droughts, this and that… people get engulfed (1983-0821)

In places like Mexico, and Columbia, and also Los Angeles, and all these places on the western coast of America, where there may be all sorts of black magic, or drugs or witchcraft, or false gurus or all kinds of devilish things, then the Mother Earth gets into volcanic conditions, and her anger can be so great, that she can destroy thousands of miles; The eruptions harm collectively, and sometimes some innocent people are also killed in that (1986-0803)

There are ravines, rivers, mountains, different undulations and varieties just to create beauty; She has not created all these nations. It is we who have divided her into parts… like this is my country; Mother Earth uses her matter to give joy to others… if we also use her to give joy to others, we have followed in her path (1986-0803)

The Mother Earth was created by the power of the Sun, and at first was created as a big ball of gas, which later became a thick mass of energy. The Earth was very hot, and so was taken closer to the Moon to cool down, and so became frozen and covered in ice. (The Moon had already been created and was very far away from the Sun, and so was very cool). The Earth was then taken back towards the Sun so that the ice melted and water was created, and the Earth was then placed in the centre, so that Life could be produced. It was all done – it did not just happen, it was all done. The energy on the right, which created the Universe, produced the physical part i.e. the electromagnetic force. Mother Earth created the Carbon. Through the effect of electricity, carbon got attached to Hydrogen and Oxygen, and so produced amino acids, and so Prana started, which ultimately produced the mind and the brain, and when we become Realised, becomes the Pranava (1985-0528)

Mother Earth feels so elated to see her manifestation into these beautiful green trees. She is the one who changes all the seasons. Rutumbhara means the attention which changes the seasons. All the seasons are created by her just to please us. Yet what do we do to please her – we exhaust her, torture her, we take out everything from her, pollute her, do all sorts of nonsensical things… and then she gets angry. Then we get volcanoes, earthquakes, and get all types of things happening… (1983-0723.3)

The essence of the Mother Earth is the Kundalini within us (1986-0803); She is created out of the 5 elements: earth, fire, air, water, ether (1978-1005), and is used to clear the subtle system (1983-0121); Subtle matter is important for us… like the light which is burning… the water that is in the ocean… the open sky… or, the Mother Earth which in certain places in India, is very much sucking our material identifications (1980-0927)

Now the ocean is the Father… and the Mother Earth is your Mother… but when the Mother Earth becomes a mountain, she is called as the Father… the reason is… she, at that height, can catch the Father on top of her head as snow or as rain. That is how the Mother becomes the Father, and so she can perform the complete function of a Father and a Mother (1984-0902)

Why we are suffering in this beautiful planet is because we do not respect what we have to respect the most – Mother Earth is to be respected… meaning that whatever is created on this Mother Earth by the movement of the Earth, by the sea, by all the elements, has to be respected. So to respect the Mother Earth, people do Bhoomi Puja… because if she is not being respected, maybe there could be an earthquake… which means that the Mother Earth understands, knows and acts. It acts in such a manner that human beings don’t understand why such things happen… the understanding of Mother Earth about Saints is very great… she knows who is a Saint… she knows the feet of a Saint. That’s why so many things were created – like Moses… he went to the sea, and the Mother Earth came up for them to walk through… it was for Moses, and his saintliness, that the Mother Earth came up and helped. In the same way, when Rama was building a big bridge between Lanka and India, Mother Earth came up as a bridge. So we should not curse the Mother Earth for any mishaps on this earth… if people are saintly, they will always be protected by Mother Earth… she will always try to give them whatever they want (1997-0525)

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– end – 28 May 2003