Mother The


The Mother

The Holy Ghost, in the Trinity (1983-1001); The Kundalini; Who nourishes, is compassion, love, forbearing (1983-1001); She who wants that you have your Self Realisation, but if you do not want it, then She is not bothered. She who does not take anything from you, only gives (1978-0911); Who is worshipped by Shri Ganesha (1985-0629); Who is a very ancient personality (1979-0530); Who says She does not do anything, it just emits, it just flows, it works… (1979-0616)

Who has patience, love, understanding… who comforts, counsels… who saves the people, transforms them, and gives them their second birth (1987-1023); Who has come to tell us the truth, not to please us or to please our ego, but to comfort us (1981-0330); Sahaja Yogis can get all Mother’s Powers; As a Mother, Shri Mataji wants to give everything to Sahaja Yogis. The greatest joy for a Mother is to see Her son or daughter grow up like Her (1998-0320); The Mother power is to protect our innocence (1985-0901)

We have to be careful, and not say any indecent things to the Mother, nor to use bad words (1979-0416); Care needs to exercised, because the time may come when the Mother’s attention may recede, and then we will just drop out (1979-0422); She who is to be revered (1983-0128)

It is not easy to understand me… on one side, of course, I am Divine no doubt… on the other side I’m very human… even in a film, if I see somebody suffering, I start crying… I can’t bear it; I made myself extremely human… and this Divinity of mine also… it’s just Sahaj. I’ve done nothing – I’ve been like this… I am like this. I’ve not achieved anything… if I have achieved anything… it’s the understanding of human beings (1992-0229); Only for those who are my children, I come on this Earth… not for those who are not… I have nothing to do with them; I did try to save you… as the prodigal son has to be saved (1985-0629)

In every country there has been a manifestation of the Mother Principle, and it has been depicted and said… but later on it was taken over by people who didn’t want to talk about the Mother, because they couldn’t justify themselves… the way they were behaving (1998-0510)

Mother’s Love

Think of… how your Mother loves you, who is your Mother… if you really believe in Her, in Sahaja Yoga. These two things should solve your problems – no more thinking. Just think how much your Mother loves – when you think how much your Mother loves you, you are jumping onto Her Kundalini, and at that time when you jump onto Mother’s Kundalini, then there is no thought (1983-0107)

Complete silence will exist once you come onto Mother’s Kundalini – but not through your mental projection, but through your meditative spontaneous experience – just feel the joy of that. Just think how much your Mother loves you, and then you are jumping onto Her Kundalini (1983-0107)

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