Mother’s Health


Mother’s Health

I have put so many guilty people in my left Vishuddhi, that my ears are getting blocked, trying to clear them out. If you can clear out our guilt, my ears will be opened out, my trouble will go away. So please I request you, to keep our left Vishuddhis alright… don’t feel guilty (1985-0901)

The problem of this Adi Shakti is this… that I decided that I will have all of you enter into my body… absorb all of you… it’s a very dangerous game I know… but I did it. So with you… all your problems have gone into me… all your troubles also have gone into me… you see, it’s like the ocean into which you have been put… you are cleansed… but what about the ocean. The ocean has got still your problems… things lingering… and they are very troublesome (1997-0525)

So the best thing would be for you to cleanse yourself… cleansing is very important… through introspection… doesn’t mean thinking… but meditation. To be kind to me, if you could try to be really good Sahaja Yogis – not to show off… not business like… not only thinking type… not argumentative… not criticising others. If you try to meditate every day 10-15 mins… I tell you, my health will be first class. I am sure you are all very sensible people, and you’ll understand that your Mother shouldn’t suffer (1997-0525)

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– end – 10 Mar 2003