Mothers Permission


Mother’s Permission

Without asking, you are not to fix my program anywhere… without taking my permission… if you ever try to do such tricks with me, I’ll put you right. You know I have all the powers to correct you… so don’t take liberties with me anymore… I’m telling you… I’m warning you. Try to understand (1985-0629)

The people who are in the ‘centre’ are quiet and silent people… they never show off… nor are they in front… only when they have to construct something important, they’ll come and see me (1983-0209); Those people who have ego, never realise they have ego… with their ego they do all kinds of nonsensical things

– without asking me… they have done something… and it’s so destructive to Sahaja Yoga. If you want to do anything, you must tell me beforehand… you must consult me… you must talk to me… because I know what is happening… at least ask me. You can write to me… you can telephone too… at least I am there to tell you (1997-1225)

If Mother says ‘this is not good’ you feel hurt… if Mother says ‘this is good’ you feel happy… that means you are still at a very subtler state of ego, where you think that whatever you say should be approved by me. That is something is very subtle we do not understand, that if Mother is not approving of it, there must be basic Divine reason… otherwise why should I not approve of it. We must know that it’s all the work of God, and we are just channels in the hands of God (1985-0310)

You cannot condemn anyone without telling me… you have to tell me… don’t worry that this will disturb me or anything, but you should ask me… I know about everyone… maybe I’ve not met that person, but I can feel the vibrations. You can write to me… many people just telephone… that’s not the way… you must write to me, because I read each and every letter… but all nonsensical letters you shouldn’t write also, to waste my time… and… you can ask on my photograph (1997-1225)

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– Jai Shri Mataji –

– end – 25 Nov 2002