Mothers Presence


Mother’s Presence

When I am away… I am not gone – I am much more here when I am not here… you will see (1980-1205)

People who are with Mother go into left Vishuddhi very fast, because they lack in protocol. To be with Mother is a blessing no doubt, but also one has to be very very careful, that you do not cross the protocols (1985-0901)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1985-0901 Vishnumaya Puja, Wimbledon – see 1985-0901 good 50 1980-1205 Marriage & Collectivity, Chelsham Road poor 20

1985-0901 Vishnumaya Puja/Brompton Sq. Puja – Wimbledon/Brompton Sq.

– end – 26 Apr 2003