Mothers Vision


Mother’s Vision

Why did Mother work so hard… and want so many Sahaja Yogis… why… what is the need. The need is like this… I have so much love… that I have to channelise it… if I don’t, I’ll suffocate… I can’t love myself… so this love has to spread… and for that I have to have you people, who can take this love to others, and make them happy. This is a kind of a Vision I have… you are specially chosen for this kind of thing. Now how far you understand your importance is a different point – for your emancipation, you meditate, alright… but if you are not channelising the love, the Divine Love, what is the use (1997-0525)

Now supposing I repair something very nicely… I repair this ‘mike’… I put it right… everything, and I don’t speak, what’s the use of having it… otherwise you have been very selfish I would say… that you have had a nice time… and you have not given to others. This is the reason why Sahaja Yoga sometimes fails to create a proper balanced personality in a human being (1997-0525); Now supposing a Sahaja Yogi has married another Sahaja Yogi… take a position like that… now my desire is that they should develop a complete understanding of each other, love for each other… but also a love for Sahaja Yoga… and for others – this is the only way we can justify marriage in Sahaja Yoga… otherwise, why should they marry (1997-0525)

If you see, the rate at which we are moving is not proper… we have to be much faster… we have to go much ahead, and we have to create much more Sahaja Yogis through our consistent very intensive effort. But it is a side issue… a ‘by the way’… Sahaja Yoga is ‘by the way’… and this is why we are failing in our responsibilities (1997-0525); You have to become very sensitive to the needs of the world… if you fail, the whole thing will fail for ever. So the need for you is to spread Sahaja Yoga, because this love is not only for you… but is to be enjoyed by as many as possible in the whole world… so we have to go all out… every where… every corner… we have to shout… to tell loudly… what is the time in which we are living. Nobody but ‘you’ can do it… you can ‘do’ it… because you are children of the Adi Shakti (1997-0525)

But again and again, I have to tell you that the work has to be done with a faster speed… and we have to get more people into Sahaja Yoga. It’s rather difficult for me to say something forcefully… that’s not my nature you know… I can’t get into tempers, and cannot get angry… and I cannot forcefully say something to you… but if you fail, then only thing will be that you have failed me completely… it means that… nothing less than that. I would request all of you to take a vow today that you will spread Sahaja Yoga and that you will talk about Sahaja Yoga, know about Sahaja Yoga – there are many who don’t know anything (1997-0525)

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1997-0525 Respect the Mother Earth, Cabella good

– end – 7 May 2003