Murmuring Souls


Murmuring Souls

Christ has said of those who gossip… ‘beware of murmuring souls’… first of all their attention is not alright… their attention is here and there… and they start talking about things… they start creating problems… and they somehow like to destroy your Realisation… they want that you should not achieve what you are achieving, because ‘they’ cannot achieve it… so they talk to you in a manner that you start doubting yourself, and Sahaja Yoga. Or else, they start talking about others, and try to create a problem for you. For that I would say that nobody should talk to anyone about ‘others’. So, anybody starts talking ill of another person, just tell that person to… ‘shut up’… ‘I don’t want to hear anything against anyone… if you have to say anything, go and tell the leader’ (1988-0921)


Never justify any defects – all defects will run away as soon as you decide that you are going to face yourself. Also not to go near a person who talks negatively, but to go near those who are positive (1979-1202.2)

Tape References:

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– end – 1 Oct 2002