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Sahaja Yogis must learn to lead a life of the collective, not talking of ‘my’ or ‘mine’, ‘this is my child’ etc. – this should go away. We do so by saying ‘Mother, it’s all yours’. It is not dangerous – She will not take anything. Say ‘Mother it is all yours’ to start it… ‘It’s all yours, I am yours, my heart is yours, all my things are yours, my life is yours’. Saying like this is a mantra for the Sahastrara (1987-0503.1)

The Deity of Sahastrara is a very simple person, and is pleased with very little actions… not much is needed to please the Deity of Sahastrara (1987-0503.1); There’s no question of Sahastrara catching if you have a large heart, and to keep the Sahastrara open, just develop that sense, that wisdom that nobody’s mine… everybody belongs to God. This ‘my’ has to drop out, which is a very subtle thing… and that is why the Sahastrara catches… love everyone equally (1992-0621)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1987-0503.1 Sahastrara Puja, Australia – see 1987-0503 good 45

1992-0621 Kundalini Puja, Cabella good 55

– end – 27 Mar 2003