Nabhi 1 Chakra



Nabhi Chakra

A very important centre, the 3rd centre… though actually it is the 2nd centre, giving rise to the Swadisthan, as at the end of a stalk; The navel centre, responsible for our seeking, firstly for food and shelter, then for other things like power, and eventually for the Spirit, and for our evolution til the present time; The Nabhi looks after our digestion on the physical level… it also looks after our balance, our ten commandments, which are given to us by the Primordial Masters… and through this centre we evolve.

Has 10 sub-plexuses, or petals; In the gross, it manifests as the Solar Plexus… and which controls all the organs in the stomach area; looks after all the viscera of the stomach, physically… and mentally it looks after other things… like with any extremism, it gets caught up… or with any fanaticism, or for example… starving, fasting, or eating too much; Linked to water on one side and to fire on the other, with 10 valencies that give us our innate religion; With this chakra, we enjoy our generosity in giving to others; Also we give to others, who are dependent on us, protection and not chastisement, leading to dignity, in the upbringing of our children.

The Nabhi is very individualistic… is everybody’s personal thing; In the centre of this chakra is the Lakshmi, by which we have balance, and a sense of satisfaction, and exert no pressure on others. The Lotus is the symbol of this centre, being pink (the symbol of love), fragrant, soft and receptive to all that is harsh and crude; Greece is the centre of the Nabhi of the Universe; Left Nabhi is represented by Holland and Belgium.

Krishna has said ‘Yoga Kshema Wahamya Hum’… “First you get your Yoga, then you get your well-being” – when you get your yoga, when you are connected to God, then only I give you your well-being. He said it clearly. The Divine looks after you so well, you can’t imagine. In the West, people do not believe in Yoga, whilst in the East, people do not believe in the Kshema; Kshema… or well-being; The Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, and also of Health… who is the Deity of wellbeing, who is Motherly… is Lakshmi.

We have to rise above the gravitational force of materialism, which is today’s religion everywhere, whatever they may call it… whether it is communism or capitalism, or democracy… or demonocracy – all of that is nothing but materialism in it’s all absurd forms. Kundalini is the only thing that can take you, like the stalk of the lotus, out of this mud of materialism – we have to get out of it completely. Materialism is a problem of the left Nabhi.

Greed… is an inner defect in a human being… that he thinks he can get pleasure out of things… he cannot… and he goes on accumulating and buying this and that – joy is much more in… giving to others; It is the greed, the terrible greed in man, that creates the problems… is one of the biggest enemies or problems of today… but if he learns to be satisfied, automatically the greed drops out; Greed has no Mariadas; To get rid of this greed… try to give to others, and see the joy; If you don’t have greed, you get what you want… but if you have greed, God makes you dance; If you don’t ask for anything, if you don’t desire for anything… you get what you need… whatever ‘you need’, you get. Better try to develop a detachment… if it’s there, well and good… if it’s not there, doesn’t matter; For greed you have to work on the Nabhi chakra.

If you have Lakshmi Principle in you, you will feel extremely satisfied with everything that is materialistic… if you have something, well and good… if you don’t have, well and good. We have to be satisfied with what we have… and we should express our love by giving something, whatever it is, to the needy person. I have seen myself… I find it difficult to buy anything for myself – if it’s expensive, I think I should not buy; Without satisfaction, you cannot have compassion… you have to be satisfied Souls… then your compassion will act. Now try to see that you don’t ‘want’ anything any more… now, lets give… we’ve had enough of it… that’s very important to understand – give to others… your friends… it’s very touching you know.

With the Nabhi chakra, we enjoy our generosity in giving to others. This generosity will always help you… and by generosity we nourish our hearts. When we give, try to feel that we are giving what God has given; By generosity the circulation starts, and you solve your material problems. Sharing of your things is an extremely joy giving thing… that is how all of us have to live… sharing things. Don’t think about yourself… think of others… think what others like; It is such a joy-giving thing… to cook for others. So the Principle of Lakshmi is only enjoyed, when you share with others… we have to learn to share; Lakshmi… gives protection and support to others, who are dependent on her – known as Ashreya; That system in India, where in each family there exist some who are dependent on the others.

Today is the time for people to become the Spirit – this is the blessing of the ‘Blossom Time’ as Shri Mataji calls it, and people have to become the Spirit. This is an essential step today, to become the Spirit. This is an evolutionary process. All the religions have talked about it. Without it you cannot achieve the Peace, the Joy, the Love… but first… you have to forgive.

Evolution is from the carbon stage, and amoeba stage through the fish and reptile stages, to the present day, at Sahastrara; It is still going on – this is not the end. So far, it is spontaneous; Evolution takes place only through your seeking… when you start seeking something… then only, you evolve. Seeking is a fashion in the West, but is also genuine in many; The people in India are not seeking as you people are seeking. This is their big problem, because they think that they know everything about God and they don’t have to bother, while you are really seekers of truth… no doubt about it.

The basic seeking power is humility… if you think you know everything, you cannot humble down… and you cannot seek. Even if you seek, you don’t want to follow anybody else’s path… you’ll have your ‘own’ path… you’ll do whatever ‘you’ want to do; Starts with seeking firstly for food, and for primitive things, then for sex life, for women, for men, then for power, for money, and ultimately for Spiritual satisfaction – when the Spiritual seeking starts we do not know, why we are seeking.

You all have to become masters in Sahaja Yoga… and for becoming masters in Sahaja Yoga I am sure you are doing meditation… introspection… and all kinds of Sahaja Yoga practices. You have to meditate collectively… whenever there is collective meditation, you must join that. With collective meditation… you get alright… all your problems are solved if you go regularly… I promise you.

The Left Nabhi… is the centre of our Mastery… and also reflects our relationship with our wife, the qualities of family, and of the household; The sense of justice comes from a special quality of left Nabhi. Justice is that you do not harm the innocent… this is the basic point, the basis of law – law is for the protection of the innocents.

The wife is the Gruhalakshmi, the Goddess of the household, the most important and the most powerful part of the family. She is equal to but not similar to the husband, and if she starts competing with the husband, then the family and the children suffer. Her most important role is to produce the fruit of the family, the children. She is the shakti, the power of the family, the motherhood, and bears all… and is to be respected, and is also to be respectable. Without a healthy family basis, all society will be destroyed.

It is the responsibility of women to make their marriage happy… depends on their intelligence, and on their dedication to Sahaja Yoga… it’s their responsibility. And if you see in a wider sense, the responsibility of making a good society is that of a woman… even if she has to suffer, she can… like this Mother Earth, she can suffer anything… she never feels she suffers, she is so great.

At right Nabhi… is the centre of Rajalakshmi. The giver of wealth and money, though this brings no satisfaction. All your wealth and everything has no meaning unless and until you show generosity for the people… but it should be quiet, and absolutely silent. One’s attitude toward money may affect the Nabhi, and can spread to all the Void, and may ultimately go to the Ekadesha Rudra, If we play tricks, then we may fall in our awareness, and may get all sorts of troubles. Is one of the sins against the Father; If we hanker after money too much, then we may have no Gruhalakshmi. Money takes us away from God; If you are a good Sahaja Yogi, you don’t have to worry about money.