Nabhi 2and3 Problems and Correcting


Problems of & Correcting Nabhi

Problems with Nabhi can result from a materialistic or individualistic attitude, and can be corrected by giving to others; If you don’t have satisfaction, then any amount of Lakshmi cannot help you… then one becomes greedy – you have something, but you want to have more and more and more; It is the greed, that creates the problems. But if you learn to be satisfied, automatically the greed drops out – is one of the biggest enemies or problems of today. For greed you have to work on the Nabhi chakra… and for which we will work it out on Diwali day

If you excite the right side Swadisthan… say if you are a big thinker, a big planner… then what happens, your left Nabhi catches… there is an effect on the left hand side Nabhi… and you get diabetes… you neglect your wife… you become harsh to her… are unkind to her… your left side starts becoming weak… and makes your spleen and pancreas very weak… and that’s why you get diabetes; It is very important for men that their left Nabhi should be alright… because they’ll get diabetes… kidney troubles… become harsh husbands… very dry people… and they won’t be able to have sex life.

In Sahaja Yoga we are helped in Lakshmi Tattwa i.e. materially – our well-being is looked after… ‘Yoga Kshema Wahamya Hum’… first you get your Yoga… first get your Realisation… then you get your well-being. The Divine looks after you so well, you can’t imagine.

Left Nabhi controls the 2 important organs of Spleen and Pancreas; When the left Nabhi combines with either left Agnya or left Swadisthan, then you can become vulnerable to blood cancer; The Nabhi can be upset by alcohol, drugs and some medicines also.

Right Nabhi… is the centre of Rajalakshmi, by which we may rule over people, and may lead to arrogance or authoritarianism in extremes, and may not be liked by others. The giver of wealth and money, though this brings no satisfaction… they may have money, but they can never enjoy that money… or can never think of a life which is comfortable; On this side, we can get problems with the liver, resulting from drinking alcohol, leading to anger and hot temper; At the level of right Nabhi, right sided people may have problems of digestion.

Salt is helpful in correcting the left side problems (1983-0121)… whilst problems of right side can be corrected by the use of vibrated sugar.

If there is any problem… anything… suddenly you must become peaceful within… then immediately you will find, the solution will come to you… this is a ‘subtle’ of the Lakshmi Principle.