Nabhi 4 Deities



Nabhi Chakra – Aspect or Deity

In the Nabhi resides Shri Vishnu… or Narayana… whose Shakti is Lakshmi, and who ascends into Mahalakshmi; The Father principle; Shri Vishnu, who incarnated as Shri Krishna, and who is the Preserver of this Creation and of Dharma; That aspect of God that is responsible for our Evolution and our Ascent; The Principle that kills, and teaches by playing tricks; Whose conveyance is the Condor. The evolutionary aspects of God, who incarnated many times since way back, e.g. as Dolphin, Tortoise, Quadruped, Short Man, Big Man (Pacedon), and as Shri Ram; Who has incarnated 10 times, and who incarnated in his complete form as Shri Krishna, and becomes the Virat… who creates wisdom.

Between successive Incarnations of Shri Vishnu… at each of which Incarnations an evolutionary step was initiated… is a Yuga or ‘Age’… a period of time… thousands of years long, that recur in a cyclic or spiral progression: the first or Golden age… the second or Dwapara Yuga… the Modern times (Kali Yuga) the low point… and then Krita Yuga leading to Satya Yuga and finally the Golden Age once more.

Now Vishnu is there… his power is there for you to rise up to the Shiva Principle… one is supplementary for another… you cannot reach Shiva without Vishnu… and you cannot stick to Shiva’s Principle, if you have not understood Vishnu’s Principle. Kundalini itself rises through the Sushumna Nadi… and she is the Principle, she is the Tattwa of Shiva… and she rises through the channel that is made by Vishnu, out of the evolutionary process. So how can you do away with one of them… one is the road… another is the destination.

So I hope you understand how important it is that your centres should be corrected… your road should be alright… that your Sushumna should be cleared… because we are Madyamargis… we have to go by the centre… by the central path… til you reach your Talubhag… where sits Sadashiva. When these two powers meet… or when you reach Shiva Principle through the Vishnu Principle, then you

Nabhi Chakra – Aspect or Deity realise that these two powers are so complimentary… and so much related to each other… there’s no difference in a way between the two powers. So keep your road, the Madyamarga clean… and let the Kundalini pass through it. When the Kundalini will pass through it… you will be amazed that… the same Kundalini is going through the Vishnu path and reaching at the Lotus Feet of Shri Shiva.

So the Lakshmi principle resides in the Nabhi chakra… the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, and of Health… the Deity of well-being, who is Motherly. By which we have balance, are satisfied. Lakshmi stands on the lotus, meaning that she does not show her ‘weight’. Lakshmi is born out of the guru principle… she was born out of the sea. Lakshmi has to be gracious, with a gravity, a weight, a dignity; To live according to Lakshmi, we have to give, to be generous, then to be supportive, helpful to others, then thirdly to be respectful of others, and to be respectful of others’ property, but especially to be respectful of anything, however small, that has vibrations.

She gives fragrance and comfort and love, and is soft and receptive to all. She provides a nest in which the children can grow with dignity; Does not get disturbed or upset, and watches the enjoyment of those who come to the warmth of her household; She gives protection and support to others, who are dependent on her – known as Ashreya; She has pink lotuses in her hands, symbolising that she is so kind and benevolent, not pressurising anyone, generous, giving comfort and love. With left hand she gives, and with right hand she protects.

A person who has Lakshmi, should dress up in a decent manner… women, and men. The wealth that you have, should be seen in your temperament… in your nature… in your behaviour… in your living. Moreover, the person who has Lakshmi, has to be a very humble person. The temperament should not be of a very serious type… but should be very mirthful… and one doesn’t show off… but should be very well dignified personalities… there should be detachment.

Nabhi Chakra – Aspect or Deity

There are nine Lakshmis… one of them is Gruhalakshmi, is the housewife… another is a Rajalakshmi, which is the power of a king, or a person who is an administrator, or a beaurocrat… that gives us the power to rule over people, but which may lead to arrogance or authoritarianism, in extremes. Also the provider of the blessings of wealth and money. Behaving with dignity, as would a king, and providing solutions to problems.

Lakshmana resides on the right side of the stomach, and looks after the right side… and the liver, which gives us the ego part… and which he destroys. One of Shri Rama’s brothers, and who was a fiery type, being an incarnation of Shri Shesha… the serpent who sleeps in the Bhavasagara.