Nabhi 5 Summary



Nabhi Chakra – Summary

Chakra: Nabhi or Manipura

Deity: C. Lakshmi, Vishnu, Narayana

L. Gruhalakshmi

R. Rajalakshmi, Lakshmana, Shesha

Physical: Solar Plexus, Navel, Spleen & Pancreas, Liver, All organs in Stomach Area

Functions: Well-being

Qualities: Seeking, Evolution, Balance, Generosity, Ashreya, Protection, Satisfaction, Well-being/Kshema,

L. Mastery, Wife Relationship, Family, Household, Justice, Peace

R. Wealth & Money

Catch: Individualism, Drugs, Some Medicines

L. Materialism, Greed, Fasting, Hashish Woman competing with the Man

R. Alcohol, Arrogance, LSD, Cocaine, Overeating, Fanaticism, Money minded

Diseases: L. Diabetes, Kidney troubles, Leukaemia, Harsh Husbands, No Sex Life

R. Digestion Problems, Anger & Hot Temper

Treatments: Generosity, Giving

L. Vibrated Salt

R. Vibrated Sugar

Affirmations: L. I am my own master, or I am my own Guru

Mantras: Deity Name

Petals: Ten

Elements: Water & Fire

Position: Solar Plexus/Navel, Middle Finger

Symbol: Lotus

Country: L. Belgium, Holland C. Greece