A very important centre (1978-1005), the 3rd centre… though actually it is the 2nd centre, giving rise to the Swadisthan, as at the end of a stalk; The navel centre, responsible for our seeking, firstly for food and shelter, then for other things like power, and eventually for the Spirit (1981-0328), and for our evolution til the present time (1981-0928); The Nabhi looks after our digestion on the physical level… it also looks after our balance, our ten commandments, which are given to us by the Primordial Masters… and through this centre we evolve (1979-0722)

Has 10 sub-plexuses, or petals (1984-0718); In the gross, it manifests as the Solar Plexus. Linked to water on one side and to fire on the other, with 10 valencies that give us our innate religion (1989-0801); With this chakra, we enjoy our generosity in giving to others (1989-0801); Also we give to others, who are dependent on us, protection and not chastisement, leading to dignity, in the upbringing of our children (1981-0328)

The Nabhi is very individualistic… is everybody’s personal thing (1983-0121); Problems with this chakra can result from a materialistic or individualistic attitude, and can be corrected by giving to others (1983-0121); The Nabhi can be upset by alcohol, drugs and some medicines also. In the centre of this chakra is the Lakshmi, by which we have balance, and a sense of satisfaction, and exert no pressure on others. The Lotus is the symbol of this centre, being pink (the symbol of love), fragrant, soft and receptive to all that is harsh and crude (1981-0328)

It is the greed, the terrible greed in man, that creates the problems. But if he learns to be satisfied, automatically the greed drops out (1998-0320) – is one of the biggest enemies or problems of today (1997-0600); If you don’t have satisfaction, then any amount of Lakshmi cannot help you… then one becomes greedy – you have something, but you want to have more and more and more (1996-0716); For greed you have to work on the Nabhi chakra… and for which we will work it out on Diwali day (1986-0818)

In the Nabhi resides Shri Vishnu, or Narayana, and the Power of Lakshmi, who ascends into Mahalakshmi (1983-0131); The different Incarnations of the Nabhi centre, the evolutionary aspects of God, came one after another, taking the forms of the living animals, as leaders of our evolution. First came the Fish, then a Quadruped, followed by the Short man, the Strong man etc. up to the stage when Shri Ram came, 8000 years back (1979-0530)

Greece is the centre of the Nabhi of the Universe (1989-0524); In Sahaja Yoga we are helped in Lakshmi Tattwa i.e. materially – our well-being is looked after… ‘Yoga Kshema Wahamya Hum’ (1983-0131)

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– end – 20 Apr 2003