The whole of Nature is enlightened, and when we see the Rutumbhara Pragnya expressing itself – for Sahaja Yogis – we are amazed how things work out suddenly, automatically. Then we feel the oneness with Nature, and the Nature feels the oneness with us. The Divine itself is expressing through Nature, the various happenings, the love, the protection, the attention that the Divine is feeling. People don’t know how it happens – which happens when we are in the state of Samadhi (1983-0723.1); Nature is always with you… will always help you… will be kind (1985-0000.2)

You see these big big trees (coconut trees – Ed) that are on top of your heads… as long as you are sitting here no fruit will fall upon you. It’s not because I am here, but because this Mother Earth knows that there are such great Saints sitting here, and she is not going to disturb (1987-1213)

You see how the nature acts… how the nature helps… just look at the nature… how subservient it is… it enjoys that… the nature is so subservient… why… what is the need… because it gets the blessings… the beauty… of wholesomeness… of doing something for the whole. The quality of wholesomeness, when it is experienced within ourselves, then only that joy comes in (1985-0310)

In the nature one goes absolutely thoughtless… see how collective they are… every leaf is allowed to get the Sun… every leaf. How do they work it out in such a beautiful manner… because they are under the complete control of the Divine… even the animals are. That’s why they are called as Pashu… means they are under the complete Pash… Pash is the complete control of the Divine. Shiva is called as Pashupati… he is the one who looks after all this. All this is created for human beings… which human beings don’t understand… is for their use… not for abuse… but for their use; They have no problems… how they keep to the cycle… it’s a global cycle. First… the sap rises… then it gives what is needed for every part of the tree… then whatever is left over, it can go into the atmosphere… or it can go down. So it doesn’t get stuck into one place… you should not get stuck into anything… if you are detached, then everything works out very well. But if you are attached, you just get worries and problems… your life becomes miserable… but if you become detached, then nature takes over… and you feel extremely relaxed (1995-0625)

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– end – 28 May 2003