You have to be very careful with your neck. You should not move your neck too much, or shrug your shoulders too much, or your hands too much whilst talking, because this spoils your Vishuddhi completely (1987-1230.1); The Vishuddhi… controls… the neck (1979-0722)

The movement of the neck… as you have seen… in all international life if you see… everybody has practically the same… even those who do not hear… or do not understand your language… you can nod like this, say no like this… and everybody understands… that this is yes or no. But too much of nodding is not a good sign… you just have to say ‘alright’ or ‘I understand’ that’s all… you have to use your voice instead of nodding like this all the time… is very bad for the Vishuddhi chakra (1986-0823)

When someone is being given Realisation… ‘before closing your eyes… see that there’s nothing hanging on your neck… very heavy… or something tight here… or you can little bit loosen your knots would be better… because Kundalini has to rise’ (1983-0127; 1982-1007)

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– end – 2 Oct 2002