Neem xxThe Neem trees that grow in India, are very good for driving out all the baddhas. It has a very bitter taste and the baddhas run away from it. They are very oxygen creating plants, and we use them as toothbrushes. One twig is taken and chewed into, and then we go on cleaning our teeth with it for an hour or so… and go on… while talking to people – you have to chew it very well. So the teeth are kept very well; Also if you have scabies or any skin trouble, then boil the water with this and take a bath.

It’s a very bitter thing… if you don’t allow the water to go in your mouth, then it’s perfectly alright… it’s very good… it’s a very medicinal thing. It’s called as Neem (1988-1207)

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1988-1207 Mooladhara, Aurangabad.mp3 good

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