Negative Person


Negative Person

Those people who are negative will always sit next to each other, will make friends with negative… and that’s how even if they are improving, again they go down… they have accidents, have problems… (1986-0725); If you think you have been very miserable, you have not been very comfortable, you have not been able to enjoy, then know that there is something wrong with you, and not with Sahaja Yoga (1987-1230.1); A person who has one of those states of attention, in which the person is always looking for disasters, misery or mishaps; Newspaper people, or people who read newspapers every morning, will have this type of attention (1983-0723.3)

Some people are negative in the sense that they are on the left hand side, and some people are negative because they are on the right hand side. Some times these combinations work very well. When a dominating man tries to dominate a left hand person, they are great friends… because one dominates and the other takes domination. As soon as the left hand person comes on the centre or tries to come to the right, the dominating one starts clashing… then they are the worst of enemies. It happens like that… so be on the alert (1980-0927)

Now a person who is on the left should try to come in the centre… and in the same way a person who is on the right side should come to the centre. Now how do you do it… a person who is on the right side should try to become friendly with the left sided person, and the left hand side person should try to be friendly with the right sided person. So what is the give and take in this. The right sided person will be a better organiser maybe… maybe not… at least will be a better orator, or may be a better sort of a leader… may not be… you can’t say… he may be the one who will suggest things and who will bring out things… who will say ‘I’ll do this sort of thing maybe’. The left hand person will be frightened, but will be humble, loving, more affectionate… he’ll be much more at the command of others… this one will be commanding and the other will be receiving the commands. Now how do we solve the problem of this mixture…… (1980-0927)

The one who is very much on the ego side should try to obey the person who is on the left side, and the left sided should try to command more on the right hand person… and it should be accepted… it should be mutually understood… there should be a contract… alright I am the ego oriented person, and you are the superego oriented, now let us do one thing… you try to dominate me, and I’ll try to obey you… it will work out. But it is rather difficult to find a left sided person here (UK)… there are very few… some were left sided, but when it came to ego… they were worse than anybody else. But, you can have a left sided person… and let him dominate… til he develops his ego he’s alright… if he develops, then he should stop it… but with complete understanding, watching yourself… how you develop, how far you go… a play should go on. But if you are identifying with yourself that I am always right, or nobody’s right, then nothing can work out. So the best way to do this sort of thing is… alright you order, and I’ll do… let you organise and we’ll do it… you tell us how to do it. Let us decide to improve ourselves, and not to feel bad about it… we have to improve a lot (1980-0927)

So many Sahaja Yogis get attracted to negativity… just like that… they don’t know how they get interested into it – but… to positivity… they have to exert themselves. That’s why I tell people… do not keep combination with people who have the same weakness… but you will find always, friendship is there. Say there are two Sahaja Yogis who talk ill of Sahaja Yoga, morning til evening… finding faults with Sahaja Yoga… they will combine together… they make good company you see. It is better to have diverse company, so that you supplement each other better… than to be attracted towards people who are of the same nature. Like somebody who is a show-off… you see he must say something to show off all the time… now another show-off should run away from him… he should sit with a person who is a shy person. This is very different style from that of the negative people… because in negativity, two negatives must join together… nicely… to become real negative. But in Sahaja Yoga, two opposites must meet… to be good Sahaja Yogis – but this must be done in complete freedom… in complete understanding (1977-0126.1)

If a negative person comes into Sahaja Yoga, then he must improve, or get out. But when matured, then a Sahaja Yogi must keep and assert that maturity (1987-1024)

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Chakras affected: Left Side; Right Side

– end – 2 Oct 2002