That which causes great problems to the seeker, and can be in the form of ‘dead Souls’, which can be seen in the sky as 7 loops. If these dead souls were, in their lives, attached to material things… they hang around, attempting to express their desires within the Seeker. Best way to get rid of these troublesome souls is complete detachment (1995-0625); The negative forces are very strong, and are working at you all the time (1987-0408); Even not to be collective, itself is a negativity (1989-0617.1)

There are so many evil forces which are all the time trying to attack collectivity… first they will attack the leaders… then they have their sly methods… of going around and talking something here and there… in the ears… to create some sort of a politics. All such people will be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga… as there is a centrifugal and a centripetal force… both acting equal and opposite. Anybody who goes against collectivity… who sticks to their bhoots… to their negativity… will have to get out of Sahaja Yoga (1986-0823)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1986-0823.1 Shri Krishna Puja, Lac Noir/ Raksha Bandhan, Hampstead 1986-0823.2 Govinda/Gita – Lac Noir

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– end – 2 Oct 2002