New People


New People

For new people, you have to raise the Kundalini, but don’t leave it half way… raise the Kundalini so that it pierces the Sahastrara… then, the Kundalini will work it out. One of the reasons that new people don’t come back is that you have left it half done… there is no connection still established; It is no good talking to them… it is not a question of conviction, but is a question of ‘happening’, of ‘becoming’ which is important. The simple thing is that we have to make everyone ‘feel’ the All Pervading Power of God to begin with

– unless and until they have felt it, we are not to accept them as Realised Souls – they have to feel it! (1983-0512); You should not show interest in people who have no interest in the photograph… if they are not interested in the photograph… just forget that person… you see that’s the best way (1979-1202.3)

How to approach and explain to new people what has happened, so they appreciate it’s true significance: Give them Realisation and confirm that they feel the cool in the hands. Then ask them: You did not get this by thinking or analysis? No… You did not have it before? No… So you cannot explain? No… So something has happened that is beyond your thinking power… is a higher power than your thinking… is a power much higher than you. So if it is a higher power, then you have to put down your thinking. Not to mention thougtless awareness, which they will think is primitive. Do it with confidence (1979-1202.2)

For people who have come for the first time, to Puja, they don’t understand so well… they start analysing. But if they could sit without analysing, as they did when they got their Realisation, all their Deities within them will be strengthened and they will feel better – you don’t have to do anything whatsoever… you have just to be quiet, and see it with understanding, so you don’t get into analysis of it… just sit and feel the flow of vibrations… you’ll be alright (1985-0421)

In the realm of God, those who enter only, can be initiated… not those who do not enter. First of all we must know that they have to be the citizen of God’s Kingdom… so unless and until we give them Realisation, take them to that level, they are not entitled… that’s a very subtle thing that we do not understand (1985-0310)

Those who are humble… who are kind… will attract more Sahaja Yogis… so it is important to change your temperament. If you try to show off, nobody is going to be impressed by you… if you think you are something very great, nobody is going to look at you. Be very humble, kind, generous… also very joyous. If you are really doing Sahaja Yoga, no sickness can come… no trouble can come… it is a fact… try to understand (2000-1231)

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– end – 18 Jun 2003