Nirmala-Ananda; The Joy at Sahastrara, which is called as Niraananda, since long, since ancient times – is called as Nirmala Ananda or Niraananda. It is the joy that you enjoy ‘even’ when you get crucified. That joy, you enjoy even when you are poisoned (1982-0731); Only joy, and which we develop through thoughtless awareness, by being collective (1990-0912); In Niraananda, if challenged we are not affected (1985-0806); Total joy, Niraananda (1986-0705)

At Sahastrara, one feels Niraananda… and the Joy of Nira. Nira is my name. Niraananda means Kewalam… sheer – Ananda Kewalam is Niraananda… sheer… sheer joy… nothing but joy… Niraananda (1985-0502); Niraananda… where there is complete joy… where there is no happiness and unhappiness – these are qualities of the ego and superego (1985-0502)

In Sahaja Yoga, as you grow from one to another, there are different types of Anandas. Like… when you see the Spirit… you get an Ananda called Swaananda… that means you feel your Spirit… your ‘Self’… and you feel very happy. Then when you give Realisation to others, you get Paraananda, joy of others. When you get the enjoyment of well-being in health and are materially alright, and everything in Santosha, in complete satisfaction, then it’s Brahmaananda. Like that… you start feeling higher and higher joys within yourself… because your nerves start opening to new dimensions. So you can say that at Krishna level, you get Krishnaananda… where you get the sweetness, the Madhuria… and when you see your generosity, then you get Shivaananda… and when you are with children, you get Ganeshaananda… and that can be described… all those can be described – but Niraananda cannot be described… because it’s Mahamaya’s joy. All these joys put together… is Niraananda (1985-0502)

So there is no place for ego and superego at all – the complete Sahastrara is opened out… and nothing but the complete rapport is established with the Divine. And there is a pouring of light all the time in the head…and the light going back – that you have seen in my photographs – as if the Sahastrara becomes like a sucking child… from the Universal Mother… sucking the joy inside… and it is again reflecting back. It would be like the waves reach the shores… and again they… go back… and then they form a pattern. Now the joy out of that pattern, how can you describe. The only thing about Niraananda is that you have Mahamaya so close… and so far away… that’s a speciality – complete… thoughtless… there’s silence there… complete silence… you don’t think… just silence… you cannot put into words anymore… because the words break with the force of the Ananda… they cannot hold it… alright (1985-0502)

So far you see… at human level… one feels only the pains or pressures on the nerves… but never the Ananda. But after Realisation only, your nerves start feeling the joy (1985-0502)

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– end – 26 Mar 2003