Thoughtless Awareness… the first thing that is established, when the Kundalini rises, and we get our Self Realisation, when we stop in the ‘Present’ moment. The state that exists when the Kundalini passes the sixth chakra, the Agnya chakra (1989-0801)… and enters into the Limbic area (1977-0215); As soon as the Kundalini passes Agnya, there is no thought, we are in thoughtless awareness (1978-1218); Nirvichara (1977-0215)

Nirvichara is a blessing from our Mother… when we do the things that She tells us, then She blesses us (1979-0314); That state of mind, where there is no thought… but you are aware (1977-0215); To rise from Nirvichara to Nirvikalpa takes time… for some people it takes more time… for some, it takes less time… it depends on the preparation of a person… also on previous lives… good deeds… this life’s understanding… so many things are there… so it takes time (1988-0921)

When you are in thoughtless awareness, then you are in contact with the Principle, the Shakti, the Power that permeates into every particle that is matter, into every thought that is emotion, into every planning and thinking of the whole world – you permeate into all the elements that have created this beautiful Earth. When you are in meditation, you must allow yourself to be in thoughtless awareness, because it is then that you are in the Kingdom of God; If you give vibrations in thoughtless awareness, you will not catch anything, because all the entities that enter into you, all these material problems that come into you, come when you are in those 3- Dimensions – of the emotional, physical and mental being (1976-0330)

Those who want to grow should meditate every day, whatever time you may come home… maybe in the morning… maybe in the evening…any time… but you will know that you are meditating, when you can get into thoughtless awareness…your reaction will be zero… you look at something… you’ll just look at it, you won’t react because you are thoughtless… you won’t react. When that ‘reaction’ is not there, then everything… you’ll be surprised… is Divine. Once you are absolutely thoughtlessly aware, you are ‘one’ with the Divine… so much so that the Divine takes over every activity, every moment of your life, and looks after you… you feel completely secured, ‘one’, with the Divine… and enjoy the blessings of the Divine (1998-0510)

Thoughtless Awareness, the term defined by Jung, where you go beyond the thinking mind, and is also the state described by the Russian Scientists as the Physical Vacuum State, needed to see or feel ‘Reality’ (1998-0705; 1998-0706); If you cannot become thoughtless, pray to me ‘forgive me for what I have done… and forgive those who have done harm…’ (1975-0209)

After some time, when you have really become a Sahaja Yogi, you just close your eyes and then you find you are in that blissful state, where you get rid of all problems, all worrying things, and you just become silent, thoughtlessly aware (1998-0706)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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– end – 2 Oct 2002