Doubtless awareness (1981-1007), which state arrives when we see all the Miracles and Blessings showering upon us by the Divine, and we have no more doubts any more (1987-0513) about Sahaja Yoga, or about our Mother (1983-0204); Is not rational; When there is no Vikalpa (1979-0616); Doubtless enlightened awareness (1979-0422)

At the Nirvikalpa state… the collective consciousness becomes very subtle… at that state you can understand the very deep significance of something… the Reality starts becoming clearer… you start understanding the working of the Kundalini. In Nirvikalpa, you need not put your hands towards a person… you know where it is… what is happening – you have no doubts… mastery starts. Such people are very satisfied people… they do not grumble about small things… they live in a big way… they have no time for outside gross things… such people are the ones who are going to create a pillar for Sahaja Yoga. They cannot tolerate anything against your Mother… or Sahaja Yoga… and they can get into a tremendous temper… if somebody tries to do something like that. After Nirvikalpa, the Ganesha becomes really Jagrut… and such a person is beyond temptation. Once you get into the Nirvikalpa state… the Ananda starts working also… your consciousness becomes that Ananda… and at that stage, the complete Realisation takes place… and then you can control everything; Now beyond that… is God Realisation… and there are three stages to that also… but just now, I have told you the Sat Chit Ananda state (1977-0215)

To get to Nirvikalpa, you have to really dedicate yourself fully… all of us can achieve that state of Nirvikalpa – and… in that state, there is just… progression (1985-0504); In the Samadhi state, first is the thoughtless awareness as you know called Nirvichara Samadhi and then into the other state called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is doubtless awareness… is two states… Sirvikalpa and Nirvikalpa. Most of the Sahaja Yogis now are on the Sirvikalpa, not yet at the Nirvikalpa… and to rise up to the Nirvikalpa we must understand that we have to do little more about it (1985-0310)

The Sirvikalpa is this… that we are still busy with our relationships. We notice that Mother has married us… given us good husbands… good wives… that we are enjoying our married life… but that’s not the end of it – this is just the beginning… just the start. And if you get attached too much to it, then you have lost the point… the marriage is an instrument which is to be used… which is to be completely understood… for the purpose of enlightening others. Marriage is just a means to an end… but the end is different. So we can give up this means… and we can get another means… and this is to be understood in it’s true colours… if your marriage doesn’t give you progress in your spiritual life, better to give it up (1985-0310)

So far we had our physical problems, which are solved… physical needs, comforts, cannot dominate us any more… that’s a good state we have reached. Then the second subtler attachment is to our emotional side… like my mother, my brother, sister, wife, children… and we go on bothering Sahaja Yoga for that (1985-0310)

Now how to overcome higher attachments… like there are attachments that I should write a book on Sahaja Yoga… or I should paint something… or I must earn… or I must do this for Sahaja Yoga… this is also… in a very subtle way… is ego… that I should be the leader of Sahaja Yoga. Then there are jealousies… if Mother says this is not good you feel hurt… if Mother says this is good you feel happy… that means you are still at a very subtler state of ego, where you think that whatever you say should be approved by me. That is something is very subtle we do not understand… that if Mother is not approving of it, there must be basic Divine reason… otherwise why should I not approve of it. We must know that it’s all the work of God, and we are just channels in the hands of God (1985-0310)

Now you have a state where you are separated from yourself… so that is the state of Nirvikalpa, where you are not attached to anything… you have no diseases… you have no troubles… you are above everything… you do not try to complicate things for me… you do not try to say things more than me… you just take it… a hint… is sufficient… Mother said so… alright (1985-0310)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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– end – 2 Oct 2002