Noble Ideas


Noble Ideas

It is essential to take to Sahaja Yoga, in the most dedicated manner. And this is the only thing that we can give to our friends and relatives, and to all the world around. I am here to help you, to work for you day and night, and I’ll spare no effort to help you… and do everything that is possible to make you alright, to pass this examination of Last Judgement. But you have to cooperate with me, and have to go headlong about it, and devote most of your time for Sahaja Yoga, and for imbibing all that is great and noble (1979-0928)

America… the Vishuddhi of the Universe – with qualities of responsibility, democracy, freedom, discretion, and noble ideas (1981-1004; 1983-1001)… is the place of Shri Krishna, of the Virat (1989-0611)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1989-0611 Dynamism and ascent, Connecticut – see 1989-0611 good 55

1979-0928 Kundalini/Kalki Shakti, Bombay – see 1979-0928 good 45 1979-0928 Kundalini/Kalki Shakti/How Realisation.. allowed to develop

1979-0928.2 Kalki/Talk on all chakras [duplicate better quality not complete] 1981-1004 Becoming the Truth – Houston [+PP video set 5/3] good 30

1983-1001 Santa Cruz interview good 45

1989-0611 Dynamism, Virata Puja, Connecticut, USA

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