Non Violence



Mahatma Gandhi used to say… ‘what is the non-violence of the weak’… ‘the weak has to be non-violent’… ‘but the non-violence of the powerful is the sign of the real non-violence’. Those who are confident of their powers… why should they aggress others… they just stand. Those who are violent, angry, hot tempered, jump at everyone, torture everyone, trouble everyone… are the people who are very weak charactered… their character is weak… that’s the sign of a person who is either possessed and under the influence of the possession, or he’s too weak and he’s possessed by his anger because he doesn’t have that much power to bear anything. The one who has the power to bear is the powerful… the one who does not have any power to bear, I can’t bear… I don’t like – such a person is a useless thing for this earth. So the power of a person lies in bearing things… how much you can bear… how much you can undergo without feeling it (1987-1004)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1987-1004 Dassehra Puja/Shri Rama – Les Avants, Switzerland good 70

– end – 19 Oct 2003