The first created sound, the Word (1981-0829); Symbol of our doing, or awareness (1991-0505); A.U.M. (1996-0609); Created when Sadashiva and Adi Shakti separated, to form the Creation, and that contains the ‘causal’ of all the elements on the right side, the power of emotions on the left side, and the power of ascent in the centre (1990-0828); That contains the three powers (1996-0915)

The sound produced when all the Bija mantras on all the chakras (made when the Kundalini passes through each chakra), are sounded at the same time and passed through the body – Aum. At Sahastrara, no sound is made by the passage of the Kundalini, and one becomes thoughtless (1979-0000.1); Is one aspect of Shri Ganesha; Is the vibratory awareness that flows everywhere (1989-0619); Christ was Omkara (1989-1203)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1989-1203 Farewell talk – Shudy camps – see 1989-1008 good 35

1989-0619 Ascent, Mahakali Puja – San Diego – see 1989-0611 good 25 1979-0000.1 Bija Mantras and Shaktis on Kundalini – Ashley Gdns good 40 1990-0828 Ganesha Puja – Austria good 30

1996-0609 You dissolve into Divine Power, Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella good 50 1996-0915 Without Innocence you can’t enjoy, Ganesh Puja, Cabella good 60

– end – 2 Oct 2002