You are part and parcel of one single human being… and that is your Mother (1987-1230.1); You should be ‘one’ with myself, than with yourself… in the sense that the Self that is within you, is me (1988-1203); Shiva and Shakti are ‘one’… just like the Sun and the Sunlight – if there is no light in the Sun, the Sun is no good (1997-1005)

We must learn to be ‘one’… if after your Realisation, if you don’t understand this message, that we all have to be one, one single unit, one single body… if we cannot ‘be’… if you are identified with other things… then there is no way that you have grown… that you have matured (1998-0510)

When you are ‘one’ with the Divine Power, you just feel… ‘I am not doing anything’… just like the paintbrush in the hand of the artist, which never thinks it is doing anything… that it is the artist who is doing everything – and who is the artist… is the Divine Power, which loves you, which cares for you, which looks after you, which absolutely is identified with you. If you are one with the Divine, it looks after you… it has all the powers. Only one power it does not have, is to control you… if you want to ruin yourself, it gives you freedom, complete freedom… that’s why you must curb down that freedom, and respect the Divine Power (1998-0510)

The Kundalini… when she comes up, and pierces your fontanelle bone… you can feel the baptism. When it pierces, and enters into the first strata of the Superconscious, the first thing that happens is you become ‘one’ with the Collective Being… and you start feeling from your hands a cool breeze flowing… vibrations… cool vibrations… called by Shankaracharya as Saundarya Lahari (1977-1121); Once you have got your Realisation… and once you have become ‘one’ with the Divine… then there is no question of your going down… unless and until you yourself want to go down. It’s very remarkable how you get this… and after that you don’t lose it… of course, first you must grow… and for that you have to meditate… but this meditation, once you do it… the whole being itself gets so enlightened, and so beautiful, that you don’t want to change it… you want to be there and enjoy it for ever (2000-0507)

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– end – 28 Jul 2003