Optic Chiasma


Optic Chiasma

The Agnya chakra, controlled by Christ at the crossing point of the optic chiasma, is the very important ‘gate’ which is the space between the ego and superego (1981-0330); The centre between the optic chiasma, where the two optic nerves meet… that is the point they call the third eye, and that is a very important point, and is the point of Christ. This is the point where you see this red mark (1979-0720); Christ is in the centre itself, where the optic chiasma is (1981-0904); Christ… also known as Mahavishnu, and who is the incarnation of Shri Ganesha (1983-0129)… resides at the Optic Thalamus (1978-1218), on the Agnya, and sucks in the ego and superego (1981-0926; 1981-1006)

Shri Ganesha becomes Maha Ganesha in the Virata, that is the brain. That means that it is the ‘seat’ of Shri Ganesha, from where he governs the principle of innocence. It is placed at the back of the head, in the region of the optic thalamus, or optic lobe, and is the giver of innocence to the eyes (1985-0000.1); You see… why you develop diabetes… and then as a result of diabetes, you develop bad eyes… the reason is that in diabetes, the fats are not consumed properly… and they are not supplied sufficiently to the brain… to the optic lobes. The brain is made of fat cells… and that is why you get these troubles… if the fat cells can be used for the eyes… then there is no problem (1984-0214)

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