Right sided people have a very very overactive personality. Such a person eats too much of proteins… all the time, meat… and receives a blessing of ego. Such a man aggressively destroys others… the images of others… pulls them down… criticises others… jumps on them… he can be hot tempered… can be absolutely demonic – Hitler is the example. These people who eat too much meat, and heavy foods… they develop muscular capacities too much. They will be very quarrelsome and aggressive… snappy and sharp in their language; They look brilliant, and consider themselves to be very intelligent… but actually they are stupid people; They may have a bad time with their children… with their parents… with their wives. They may have money, but they can never enjoy that money, or think of living a life which is comfortable; Those who indulge too much into life… and socalled ‘enjoy life’… and waste their time in drinking, and being with women and all that… they all can be ruined… not only by money, but by their very bad health (1983-0209)

Sickness comes if there is something wrong in the ‘Principle’, that builds up the human being. Basically there are two principles which affect the body, and the third principle affects the evolution

the first principle of the left sided… if it is in danger then we develop lots of diseases due to lethargic organs… but the right sided people have a very overactive personality, and have overactive organs (1983-0209); Fumes from the activity on the right side collect in the balloon of ego, which together with those from the left side collected in the superego, cause us to be cut off or separated, from the main (1979-0616)

Organs can be Active type, if we eat too much protein type of food – in which case we should take more of vegetarian foods (1983-0131); Right side diseases include: aggressive ego, hot tempered and obnoxious, overtalkativeness in old age, overactive hearts, palpitations, asthma, constipation, cirrhosis of the liver, unhealthy skin which is sallow, diabetes, leukaemia, kidney problems, high blood pressure, uterus troubles, barrenness in women, digestive troubles, paralysis caused by brain damage and overdevelopment of Mr ego (1983-0209); Heart Attack… can result from too much right side activity (1987-0500); On a full moon day, we are overactive, even in the sleep state. As the moon grows, the activity starts, in the night also (1982-1101)

Supposing you are a right sided person, then what happens to you… you become overactive. Overactivity gives you fatigue… gives you all kinds of diseases… such a person is very speedy… he cannot sit in one place for two minutes, all the time jumping, and he creates problems for himself and his family. This is Rajoguna. The Rajoguni has an opinion of his own about everything… he goes on forcing it onto others. But if you see his own life, he is a complete misery… he cannot carry on with people… he cannot talk to people, and there is a very big gap between himself, his Spirit, and his being (1998-0712)

If you try to overpower the matter, getting overactive with matter, making everything properly, over-efficient with the matter, then your ego develops, and when your ego develops, you go into violence. You become a sort of an aggressive businessman or country, which tries to overpower other nations with their material advancement… you become materialistic and such people have no heart… they are just dried up… the only thing they understand is money (1980-0927); Physically and mentally we are overactive… specially in the society where we are supposed to be ‘developed’ – we develop through using this… Right hand side… power of action (1981-0511)

By thinking, the right side gets overactive, the ego develops… and engulfs the heart. So by ‘thinking’ how to correct the ego, the worse you become – then you are fighting it. So we have to give a balance… bring down your ego… with your hands. Not… mentally you resolve it, but through your vibrations and mantras… mantras are very important for Sahaja Yogis; For ego you say ‘Mother you are our ego… we don’t do anything… you do everything’ – if you say like that, it will work out… otherwise it will not; Be humble… be humble in your heart. What you have to surrender is your ego… means your thinking; If you are thinking, open your eyes, and say ‘I forgive, I forgive’… even if you take my name, it’s sufficient (1980-0907); Mental activity… is contra-indicated for any form of Sahaj or Spiritual activity, or for one’s ascent, or for the expression of love or compassion (1995-0917)

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– end – 7 May 2003