The All Pervading Divine Power (MME, 1989-1203); Nothing but Vibrations, but with everything within it (1989-0808); Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, the All Pervading Power of God’s Love; The Ruh; Rutumbhara (MME); Is absolute Love… that knows, understands, co-ordinates and works out everything (1997-0600); This is the time when Paramchaitanya has gone into action. Everything is being done just to convince you about Sahaja Yoga – things which are absolutely impossible (1995-1224); The Paramchaitanya itself is your Guru (1985-0629); The Nirakar (1998-0320); Which runs this whole Universe (1998-0705)

If sometimes you are in trouble… then know that you are not leaving things into the hands of Paramchaitanya… if you leave things into the hands of Paramchaitanya, then they will work out… very well (1997-0823.1); It’s very interesting… how everything in this world moves according to the desire of the Paramchaitanya… it’s very surprising (1997-0823.2)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1997-0823.1 Prim’l Taboos, S Dharma, Krishna Puja, Cabella see 1997-0823 good 65

1989-1203 Farewell talk, Shudy camps – see 1989-1008 good 35 1985-0629 Guru Puja – Paris (Strong correcting tape) good – 1989-0808 Shri Ganesha Puja – Les Diablerets, France good 45 1995-1224 Christmas Puja – G’pule (“The 7 Awarenesses”) good 75 1998-0320 Felicitations, Delhi good 55

1998-0705 Royal Albert Hall 1998 good 50

MME = Meta Modern Era by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

– end – 27 Mar 2003