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Part & Parcel

You must know within yourselves, that… you are part and parcel of the whole process – though you have your own freedom, this freedom is also part and parcel of the same process… you are not separated from God… you do not have any ‘separate entity’… you are part and parcel of that whole process… alright. So to think that you have to decide something about it is also wrong… you are in the same machinery, brought to this stage when you are given freedom for your further evolution (1980-0517.1); From the hands the energy flows. With these hands we can feel the All Pervading Power, we can manoeuvre it, manage it, organise it. We feel that we become Part and Parcel of the Whole (1987-1023)

One thing is very important is the humility… you should be a humble person… not think that you are something special… or some sort of a self important person… once you think you are important, then you are not part and parcel of the whole… how can one part be so important… if you start thinking like that, anywhere in your journey of Sahaja Yoga, then I must say you are not in the Sahaja Vasta, the Sahaja State (2000-0507)

Then some people who are not yet understanding the importance of ‘becoming’, who do not know that they have to grow, become again useless, good-for-nothing. If you people get your Realisation, all the global problems can be solved, like the pollution problems get settled down. The power of love can settle pollution problems because it also acts on the 5 elements. It works in such a manner that should in every way encourage you, help you… work out your programs, your ventures, your meetings… anything that you want to do. It’s worked out in such a beautiful manner. You become the master no doubt, but you don’t have the arrogance or anger of a master. We are part and parcel of the whole – it is all interwoven. It is not mental… it is what you experience all the time. You don’t have to worry… it will all work out… even in small small things (1998-0706)

In Sahaja Yoga… the truth is exposed gradually (1983-1001); The truth is very simple… it is so very simple… that you are the part and parcel of the whole… and you have to feel the whole… that is what you are seeking (1981-0511)

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Chakras affected: Vishuddhi

– end – 26 Apr 2003